Sunday, September 21, 2008

off (with) the top of my head

It's finally happened. They said it would but I had my doubts. I mean, there was no proof that it could, and after all this time who could blame me for not believing that it ever would?
But it did.
Yes, folks: we have had two full days of actual Summer weather (despite the fact that we're well into Autumn!).

And I'm not just talking two days without rain, or two days of sunshine where it looks all warm out there but it's actually too cold to leave the house without a coat.
No, this is the genuine thing. Bright sunshine, blue skies and temperatures over 20 degrees - I have worn a T-shirt and open shoes, for goodness' sake!!!

I actually had plans to pack my summer clothes away and haul out all the heavy woollens again this weekend. I had given up all hope of needing short sleeves until next year again. But now that will wait for at least another week.
It was bewildering, really - we've been waiting for weather like this for what, two years now? What to do, what to do, when it finally arrives? Do we BBQ? Go to the beach? Go ride our bikes? Go walking? So many choices...!

So I did what any practical person would do: I sat in it.

It seemed a waste to dash around like a mad person so instead I simply sat out in the back yard and gathered all the photons I could until my headache drove me inside and into a comatose sleep... because of course the Universe would conspire for me to be hit with the worst migraine I've had in months on the best weather weekend of the last two years.

Which explains why my first post in two weeks is about the weather: I haven't the mental energy to be any more creative.
And also why the title has absolutely nothing to do with the post: I'm on some serious painkillers here, Dudes, so my train of thought is somewhat derailed, hehe!

Tellya what, though; the garden is loving the sunshine too.

Long may it last ....


Fence said...

I had a marathon session of all 3 LOTR films planned. Extended editions too, so I totally missed out on the sun. Well, I caught 5 minutes of it, which was nice :)

BazL said...

Lately we in Cape Town know just how you feel. We had yesterday and today, blissful, beautiful sun. Apparently there is another cold front due tomorrow - this has become the norm - sadly! Re the headaches, I found that body re-alignment did wonders for me.
Love L xxx

mississippilinda said...

Beautiful garden!! :)

kitty said...

oh it's been AWESOME here as well... mid 60's to about 70ยบ and sunny - except for last night when we got a thunderstorm out of absolutely NOWHERE!!

anyway - sorry about your migraine - but your flowers are beautiful!! =)

Katt said...

I can identify - we had an absolutely beautiful day yesterday, sunshine, no wind, warm. I even took to the garden myself but in a manual labour kind of way. Now? Wind - the usual lofty.

Time to emigrate to a tropical island I think.

Terri said...

fence - We did the LOTR thing on New Year's Day. I felt like Frodo by the end of it!

bazl - I do see my 'magic' chiropractor regularly. Sadly it doesn't seem to fix the problem :-( I still go, though, just in case... besides, where else am I likely to get such a nice massage on a regular basis? (And don't say a masseuse - I had a nasty experience once with a deep-tissue massage. Never again!)

linda - Glad you like it :-) It's not a very big garden but it's actually quite pretty in the summer. Hubby has a thing for growing roses so we have 5 (I think) rose bushes and they've real purty now and some of them smell real good too.

kitty - Awesome weather, thunderstorms... wanna swap?

katt - I recommend the Greek islands - tropical islands bring to mind things like tropical storms, which I can happily do without ;-)

angel said...

oh what a gawjiss garden!