Saturday, May 07, 2005

A Dream Wedding

In March 2001 Dave and I finally tied the knot. Not overly keen on being the centre of attention or having too much of a fuss made, we decided to do things a little differently and get married at sea.

To make it legal, we had a small ceremony in Mandy & Lex's beautiful garden in Port Elizabeth two days before embarking on our cruise aboard the SS Monterey.

The cruise was fantastic, even with the tail-end of a cyclone we had to endure for the first couple of days. It was a seven-night round-trip from Durban to Madagascar. Seven days of peace and tranquility, with every need catered to, copious amounts of food and plenty of entertainment laid on.
We were fortunate to have as our companions Mom, Jacky, Mandy and Lex, not to mention our brand new friends, Tracey and Brian, who we met on board and who were also newlyweds.

Our wedding on board took place somewhere in the Indian Ocean on the return leg to Durban, on our last day on board. The wind had picked up again but nothing could detract from the magical experience of getting married at sea, with the the ship's horn sounding three times in our honour. What a happy girl was I!!!

Before the official ceremony with Lisa, Mom, Danielle & Jacky.

Officially Mr & Mrs, with my beautiful step-children.

Family Reunion!

Our first day on board the Monterey - a little choppy..!

Calm waters and blazing sunshine near Madagascar.

Our wedding party on board the Monterey... Lex being noticeably absent due to prior Bingo engagements!

The Happy Couple, married at last (...again!)


sal said...

The original reason I went through the process of signing in were these photos.

I remember that day so well.

Sending good thoughts your way


angel said...

okay... for some reason i only read this now! what a wonderful idea, and you both looked fabulous, wow!