Saturday, May 07, 2005

Cyprus - April 2004

One of the places I've always wanted to go is Cyprus, so when Dave went off to Argentina for a week on a Rugby tour, Jacky & I took the opportunity to go do some bonding in the sun. Cyprus did not disappoint, from the moment we stepped off the 'plane until the time we left. We stayed in Limassol & spent the week laughing, eating, drinking & generally having a ball. The locals were really friendly and the island is just beautiful. We did a lot of relaxing, but did some touristing as well. The day trip over to Cairo was a definite highlight and it was great to be on African soil again, even if it was at the opposite end of the continent from the place we call home. Cairo was hot and hazy, the pyramids at Giza and the Sphinx really impressive, and the sunset cruise like something out of a movie.

We hired a car our last day in Cyprus and drove the coastal route from Limassol to Paphos, stopping at a number of places along the way, my favourite of which was Aphrodites Rock. If I were to choose one place on earth where I felt, for a few moments, completely at peace with the world, that was it: sitting on a rock with my feet in the cool clear water of the Mediterranean Sea, feeling the sun blazing down, watching the waves rush in and out over the pebbled beach, with the cries of seagulls filling the air, and not a care in the world.

So, if ever I disappear without a trace, you know where to find me...!

VIew from our hotel room in Limassol

Proof that I've seen the Pyramids & the Sphinx!

Peering through the smog towards Cairo from Giza

Sunset cruise along the Nile

Kolossi Castle

While sitting in the Kourion amphitheatre overlooking the sea & enjoying the sun...

...we were treated to an aerobatics display by the Red Arrows!

Aphrodites Rock

Paphos harbour


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