Friday, June 08, 2007

here today, gone tomorrow

What? It's Friday again already?
I owe you a trip report and you'll get it, I promise. Paris was brilliant!
This week has been a bit busy though so I've barely had time to switch on my laptop never mind put together something not only readable but interesting in a coherent sort of way.
We're going away this weekend too. Our good friends are leaving Cork to return to SA next week - permanently. So we're going to say goodbye, leaving straight after work today to drive down. It almost seems unnecessary as we're probably going to see them in a month in South Africa anyway when we go there for a holiday. YIPPEEEEEE!!!!! Can you feel the excitement??!!! I'm gonna see my Mommy again!
In other news, we had a little household drama this week. Remember the tweetie-bird who laid such pretty eggs by our front door? Well the eggs hatched the day before we went to Paris, and when I came back I took this pic of the newborns - it's a little blurry on account of me not wanting to blind the poor babies by using the flash, but you can see they're all tiny and fluffy and stuff.
At least, they were...
Yesterday morning we opened the front door to find the nest had been knocked down, and two of the three chicks' corpses next to it - we presume a cat got the third one.
So after all her hard work, poor Mama Bird has lost her babies and has to start all over again. Somewhere else, though, apparently, as we haven't seen hide nor, er, feather of her since.
RIP hatchlings


laurie said...

AAAAAAH! cute pic, tragic ending! yikes!

we used to have a bird feeder in our yard that attracted everything from goldfinches to cardinals. until one day i saw a cat hiding in the tall grass, playfully batting a toy around...and then realized it wasn't a toy, it was a bird.

the cat was using our bird feeder as a way for him to stake out birds and murder them. the feeder came down that day.

i want to see paris photos!!!

kyknoord said...

A bit of a harsh approach to trial-and-error, but birds aren't reknowned for their cognitive abilities.

laurie said...

btw, chapter four of riley up and running.....

Jo said...

Ag shame. That is so sad!!! I am also keen to see and hear about your Paris trip!!!

Ben O. said...

That's too bad.

Ben O.

jason evans said...

May the little chirpers rest in peace.

Terri said...

Laurie - Uh-huh; I'm beginning to share Hubby's dislike of cats.

Kyknoord - "Birdbrain" and all that, y'mean..?

Jo - It's coming! It's written, just need to add photos. There are 121 to choose from though so y'all will just have to be patient ;)

Ben O - Innit?!

Jason - Perhaps a eulogy of some sort..? Nah, you're right, that may be overkill ;)

LiVEwiRe said...

Nature is all pretty and stuff, but it's quite brutal in the end. ("And stuff" is a fairly scientific term, I'll have you know!) Sorry to hear of the tragic ending. On the bright (but rather crass) side, your car/bike shall remain a little cleaner. ;)

angel said...

aaaaawww... poor li'l things!!!