Thursday, September 20, 2007

hello again

My mother used to say that if you can't find something nice to say, then say nothing.[1]

Not that this has anything to do with why I've been m.i.a. for the past two weeks or so, I just thought I'd share that with you and it seemed like a good opening line.

Truth is, I just didn't feel like blogging. That is, I didn't feel like writing a blog post. Or comments. I have done a teensy bit of lurking though, just in case you thought you could get away with anything in my alleged absence.

Besides which, nothing terribly exciting has happened in the last couple of weeks. The attic conversion is done and looks great, and once I have it all cleaned up I'll post the 'before' and 'after' pics because I know you're all just hanging on the edge of your seats to see them.
Aside from that there has been work, work and more work, pathetic attempts at housework and some shopping not really worth mentioning.

The highlight of it all was definitely watching my beloved Springboks beat England in last Friday night's Rugby World Cup game. Not just beat, but annihalate, really, with a final score of 36-0. It's enough to make a girl's heart swell with pride and cause her to drink too much beer.

There was an Australian, a Frenchwoman, an Italian, two South Africans, a Swede and another Frenchman who all went out to watch the greyhound races. You'd be forgiven for thinking this is the start of a joke but actually that's what we did last Saturday evening. Next time I go I'll take a heavier coat and wear sensible shoes.
The dogs are cute - all wagging tails and muzzles, chasing the fake rabbit around the track until it disappears into a little metal box, at which point they all stop and sniff the ground a lot.

Anyway, I think my little break from blogging is coming to an end - thanks Angel, for kicking my ass on that one with your last comment :-)
I shall pull myself towards myself and be back to enchant you shortly...


[1] At least I think it was my mother.


anne said...

you certainly won't be getting any flack from me... still. welcome back!

Anonymous said...

Good to see you back. :)

DelBoy said...

All work and no play makes Cuz a dull..., oh what the hell, welcome back.

Loved watching that game BTW, even if it was at 4am!!

They're not even televising tonite's SA game!

Rowe Unzipped said...

Great to see you back Terri, have been checking your blog every now and then and no new posts. I love reading your blog and really wish I could write like you, you just say it all! Great stuff!!

Terri said...

Anne - It lives! It speaks! Nice to hear from you :)

Jason - I wasn't far... that shadow you thought you saw was me lurking in the background.

Del - Be thankful for small mercies; watching that game wouldn't have done your blood pressure any good.

Rowe - Wow, thanks, nothing like a little ego-boost to get a blogger blogging ;)

Ben O. said...

I hear ya . . . it must be contagious.

Over the same period, I didn't have anything to say either.

Ben O.

David said...

angel is a good motivator, yes?

angel said...

woohoo! terri's back!
now tell me what i said? maybe i can use it on some other long lost bloggers...?
i'm waiting for the photies...

Terri said...

Ben - You may have noticed I'm still a little on the lazy side. I'll be over to visit soon ;)

David - She's quite the little energizer bunny!

Angel - The photos are taken, just need to be uploaded. Watch this space...