Tuesday, May 06, 2008

'tis the season

I'm pleased to announce that Winter finally appears to have relinquished its grip on us. Yep, true to form the May bank holiday weekend brought us good weather. Yesterday I even sat outside in shorts for about half an hour, trying to get a little colour on my pins before I frighten all the locals away with blinding whiteness in Greece next week.

Speaking of long weekends... did everyone enjoy theirs? You did? Fantastic :-)

On Saturday I took Cinderella shopping in town, to find something for her to wear to her high school Graduation in a few weeks. It was a long and tiring process but successful. We found a striking little red number that I'm sure Hubby thinks is waaay too hot for a Graduation. Mind you, he always has that one-eyebrow-raised-questioningly look when he sees her in something sexy. I guess he has trouble seeing his little girl looking all grown up, hehehe..!

By the time we got home from the shopping I had developed a headache that then morphed into migraine that finally went away some time while I was asleep last night. So although I know the weather was fine for the long weekend, I didn't exactly get to enjoy it too much. Apart from the half hour in the sun yesterday (which I knew I shouldn't do but it was the first hot day of the year and who knows when, or if, we'll get another???!) I pretty much slept for the rest of Saturday, Sunday and Monday.
So much for the weekend of writing that I was looking forward to...

But I'm sure there will be other good-weather weekends. The seasons changed... and just when I thought it would never be warm again!
But of course with the warmer weather come other things. There's a certain, erm, shall we say 'mobile' community in this country who migrate to the seaside towns in the Summertime. Stuff tends to go missing around this time. You may remember that poor Cinderella had not one, but Two motorcycles stolen from her last year..?
Well it's that time of year again.
This morning we awoke to find her brother's motorcycle gone from where it had been chained up with the rest of them, outside our front door. My poor stepson has only had the thing for maybe a month, if that.
I don't want to dwell on this too much because I don't want to get all worked up; it's no way to start the day. Let's just say the temptation to lay in wait overnight with a loaded shotgun is REALLY strong.

I think I have had enough of this now.


kitty said...

someone stole my picnic table last year - I'm still tweaked about that!!

what pisses me off even more is that a couple weeks later a friend of ours stopped by and described the guy who took it - and I was like - uh HELLO! you saw him take it and you didn't stop him?!!

he said he thought we gave it away haaa

oh yeah - we're giving away all our crap - we're gonna go join a cult!!

anyway - I hope the 'mobile' community doesn't pick you clean - and that you are able to enjoy the nice weather... it's just starting to get nice here - supposed to sunny and be 74ยบ today - I'm looking forward to spending some time outside... I have what should be nice dark italian skin... instead I look like a ghost on chemo

LiVEwiRe said...

Another bike gone?!?! Is this a concern all over up there or is there any chance you can move to a new neighborhood? That is just insane. Look on the bright side... if you DO opt to lie in wait with a loaded gun, at least the weather has warmed significantly! ;)

angel said...

oh no terri... i'm so sorry its happened again!!!
i am dying to hear about your greece trip!!!

Anonymous said...

"...but officer, I always clean my shotgun when I have insomnia. It helps me to relax. I was sure I'd unloaded it, though..."

Terri said...

Kitty - A picnic table? Someone stole a picnic table? Why?!

LiVEwIRe - hehe, we already moved neighbourhoods... this appears to be a nationwide thing. Because, y'know, the weather in Ireland is SO conducive to biking (?!)
Oh and PS, any lying-in-wait will be done from the spare room upstairs where I can peek out from behind the curtains from the comfort of a bed. I'd be more Rambette-Barbie than Rambo :-)

Angel - And I shall tell you all about it when I get back in a little over a week's time... and I promise I'll try to do so without letting 3 months pass first, this time!

Kyknoord - D'ya mind if I borrow that...?

kitty said...

well I said at the time that I HOPE they really needed it... maybe they had no table at all - (FYI now neither do I!!)

but I think it was just a matter of they saw it there and wanted to take it - if that is the case I hope it gave them a big festering splinter!!

what happened was we had it out front with a bunch of stuff on it which we were giving away (around here FREE piles are a big thing) so we had all this free stuff on the table - and stapled TO the table was a LARGE sign that said in very large easy to read print

(NOT the table!!)

apparently either they can't read or they just didn't care - they did take the sign too I guess it could go either way