Saturday, November 01, 2008

beware the dreaded lurgy!

I am surrounded. They're all out to get me, I swear.

I avoided it at work, but then it started with my stepson, spread to my husband, and now my stepdaughter has succumbed too.
They're sniffling, sneezing, coughing and making those yucky noises particular to those afflicted with colds & flu.

And they've taken over the house, let me tell you. Right now 2 of them are in the lounge, all nice & cozy in front of a crackling fire, snuggled up in soft blankets, one on each couch. I was tempted to join them but it feels like I'm under attack by a viral army when I'm in there.
I would retreat to my bedroom but Hubby has been sleeping off the sickness there for most of the day and I just know there are some horrible little germs hanging around in there, waiting to pounce on me as soon as I settle on the bed.

So I am banished to the kitchen / diningroom, which was fine by me this morning when the sun was in the Eastern sky and filling this side of the house with glorious warmth. Now, though, it has moved over and the November cold is creeping back out of it's hiding places, shimmering up through the tiled floors and gradually reclaiming me, feet first.
Oh well, at least I have a radio in here, right?
(Yeah, I know, kudos to me for looking on the bright side.)

So here I sit and if anyone is interested in hearing my thoughts today, that's easy:

I am strong and healthy; I am strong and healthy; I am strong and healthy...

After all, it's never too late to try this Mantra thing, is it?!


Rose said...

Hey Terri, you're strong if you can survive the cold morning ride to work you can survive anything. My little one started last week and I knew after a few days it was only going to get worse so whipped her off to the Doc as much as I hate taking her, but had to get it before it got all of us, so this bout we seemed to have missed!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say, sad to report .... the "Lurgie" finally got her too...
Terri is now snuggled up with the rest of us snorting and wheezing and generally haeing a whale of a time.
Dont say we never spread the happiness.... :-)

U/Clive in SA said...

You should all go for a walk and get some fresh air!

Dawn said...

Terri - the joys of winter and wet and cold and the general yuk season. Hope all are feeling better. Was so happy to see you had visited. I think I should win the slacker of the year award .. but I always do come back. Vasbyt, sister!! xoxo

angel said...

nope. never too late.

Jax said...

Hey T,

Hope you and the family are all better now. Not suprising that you are all sick. The weather on these little islands is really crap....Spain's weather on the other hand is absolutely fab!


Rose said...

I was going to tell you to "SUE",but guess what I have got it now, but of course I don't get a chance to be sick with a 5 year old in the house!

Terri said...

Rose - Sorry to hear it got you too, I hope you feel better. You have my sincerest sympathy xxx

Hubby - YOU! It's YOUR fault it got me!!! You owe me big time, buddy!

Uncle Clive - Thanks. Nice to know I can count on family for sympathy ;-) I thought about taking your advice but the furthest I managed to walk was the kitchen...!

Dawn - I think I'll probably take 2nd prize in that slacker of the year award these days.

Angel - Turned out it was too late. I was in bed for a week, can you believe it?!

Jax - We're all better now. So, Spain, eh? Showoff ;-)