Friday, December 26, 2008

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It's not every day a girl comes home to find a Christmas present like this waiting for her in the kitchen:

After a 20-hour trip getting home to Dublin from SA I was, to say the least, quite surprised to find Santa had delivered early.

Years ago, long before I ever thought I would learn to ride, I sat on one of these - a CBR600 belonging a friend of ours. I clearly remember saying that if I ever learned to ride I would want one like this. A few weeks ago our neighbour turned up with one, and I took it for a ride and fell in love with it.
It turns out that while I was away, Hubby was busy wheeling & dealing to buy this bike from our neighbour and between them they managed to get it into my kitchen where Hubby cleaned it till it shone, then got a big red bow to stick on the windshield and a note that says:


I'm a Very Spoilt Lady!!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Merry Christmas indeed!!

LiVEwiRe said...

Now I know why you married him ;) But wait... what of the bluebird?!? Have I missed something? Oh yes, well, other than the last few months.... I am anxiously awaiting the naming ceremony.

Terri said...

Jason - Merry, Thrilling and Very Surprising indeed :-)

LiVEwiRe - Actually I married him for his big... imagination. LOL! You haven't missed anything; the Bluebird is his. I was always the passenger. This one is all my very own :-) As for naming, I'm leaning towards The Baby 'Bird on account of it being the somewhat smaller version of the Blackbird (a.k.a. our Bluebird). Or I could just call it Twit, the smaller version of Twitter (you know - birds twitter and all that). Whatcha think?

angel said...

oh so very very very cool!
my dream bike? a ducati monster, black with red pipes...