Friday, June 24, 2005

Summer arrives in Ireland

But only briefly. Normally it's on a Tuesday... but this year we were lucky and the mercury broke the 20degree barrier at least 3 times in the last week. Woo hoo! Cause for celebration. For once I was the one emailing about the gorgeous weather while my poor friends & family back home are dying of cold in the clutches of the harsh South African winter (?!). News flash for all of you who have never experienced 8 months of continuous cold, grey, dreary Dublin winter - 16 degrees is Not That Cold! I know I've acclimatised because I found myself going out to work the other day with a smile on my face because it was warm enough to wear short sleeves. It was 13 degrees outside.

But enough rambling about the weather (sorry, the locals do it so much it's rubbed off on me). We took advantage of this glorious sunshine to go into town & look at the ships that were docked on the Liffey for the annual Maritime festival.

Before the ships arrived: Dublin's newest footbridge (ugly, isn't it?) with just a little bit of construction going on in the Docklands area...

One of Ireland's 2 warships

A pretty tallship!

Andrew & Dave contemplating a life as pirates

Another pretty tallship..!

But most important of all... check out the SUNSHINE folks!!!!


kyknoord said...

I know what you mean about the ZA set whingeing when the mercury drops a degree or two. Everyone at work is going around looking thoroughly miserable and feeling utterly sorry for themselves. Why? Because it's 19 degrees outside. Ironically, that's the 'summer' temperature setting on the aircon. What a bunch of wussies!

DelBoy said...

We had some sunshine too... spent the day at Wimbledon. Got a nice 'Vaalie' tan because they don't let you take your shirt off!

Enjoy it while it lasts!