Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Dublin hit by Vertigo!

U2 played at Croke Park in Dublin last night and WE WERE THERE!!!

For those of you who don’t get what the big deal is, perhaps I should explain:
Dublin is U2’s hometown.
U2 is the most Irish of bands, possibly the biggest band in the world.
Croke Park is the very heart of all things Irish. Situated in the middle of Dublin it is sacred ground, used exclusively for GAA (Gaelic football & Hurling – no English sports like Rugby and Soccer allowed, thank you very much!)
The last time U2 played Croke Park was 18 years ago, so this was their homecoming… the Irish pride was tangible to the point of almost being suffocating – Dubliners are terribly proprietal (is that a word?) about this foursome.


It was a perfect, long summer evening – the stadium was bathed in sunlight until it eventually grew dark some time after 10pm, after which it was lit up by stage effects and, at one point, the glowing of 80,000 celphones when Bono gave out his number so that everyone could send a text message in support of his “Make Poverty History” campaign. Yup, that’s right – this Dubliner is going to single-handedly save the world, starting with Africa (in between playing a few songs on their global Vertigo tour, of course).

What more can be said? They started with the tour’s theme song and the stadium was immediately swept in a frenzy of singing and jumping in time to Vertigo. As an opening song I have to say it’s ranks right up there with Robbie Williams’ “Let Me Entertain You” – high praise indeed, as those of you who know me will know.
The strong beat and wailing, trilling guitar that makes U2’s music unique makes for a great live concert, and the sound of 80,000 voices singing such greats as “Sunday Bloody Sunday” and “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for” was enough to raise the hair on my arms.
I could have done with a little less of his political musings and appeals but maybe that’s just me – my Irish colleagues didn’t seem to mind.

And all in all the concert was all I could have wished for – great music, a great band, and a chance to sing at the top of my lungs in a crowd without anyone actually hearing me!

Fans poured into the stadium from about 8:30pm

View from our seats

U2 appeared on stage with very little fuss... but the crowd went beserk!

As daylight faded, the stage effects kicked in & the stadium rocked!

See the South African flag? Bono cares about us!

Moody green lights briefly illuminate the crowd


Roo said...

Wow. To have seen U2, the living legends that they are is unbelievable...I would give my right arm to see them preform live. I hope you enjoyed the concert to its absolut fullest.

DelBoy said...

I'm soooo jealous Cuz! U2 in Dublin! Awesome!

And this weekend I have the honour of 'missing' Live8 too! Maybe I'll have to wait another 15 years for Sir Bob to do it all over again!

Catch up soon.

Terri said...

Yes lads, it was awewome & amazing indeed!
Bummer 'bout missing Live 8 this weekend Del - I might be able to tell u about that too though; We're going to see Elton John this weekend (a bit of a change from U2 but what the hell) & I believe they're opening the doors early & will be showing Live 8 on live TV there before Sir Elton arrives. Cool or wot!?!

Isabel said...

what amazing photos, i saw U2 in London a couple weeks ago and was pretty amazed, but cant even begin to imagine what must have been like in Dublin... u lucky girl . :)