Sunday, July 03, 2005

A Great Day for Music

Elton John had a busy day yesterday. First he performed a couple of songs at the Live 8 concert in London, then he hopped on a plane and flew over to Dublin to perform at the RDS arena. When I mentioned to some of my colleagues that I was going to see his concert I got a mixed response... but the word 'cool' wasn't mentioned once. I got the impression they were impressed that I admitted I wanted to go. Strange. I mean, you gotta admire the man - he's been around for as long as I can remember and his music is still great. The crowd was really enthusiastic, and Sir Elton sounded fantastic - not many artists have the ability to sound as good live as they do on a CD. And he's really handy with a piano, too (which he demonstrated in the longest, most drawn-out version of "Rocket Man" I've ever heard..!)
Of course, being summer in Ireland, we had a few showers, but there's something really special about doing the Crocodile Rock in the rain with a few thousand other folks all singing & dancing like loonies.
The audience was a real mix of people. Plenty of Golden Oldies came along to enjoy the, er, golden oldies; there were also loads of youngsters who seemed to be enjoying the ageing rocker more than I would have expected (ecstasy, anyone?!). And then there was the small group of women in the stands wearing fake antlers on their heads, which was very confusing at first but then we saw they had a banner with them saying 'Elton John Stag Night'. Still a bit confusing cos I thought stag nights were a guy thing but we'll just let that one go, will we?

Anyway, that wasn't the only musical thing happening yesterday. You'd have to be deaf, blind or living alone on an iceberg in Antarctica to have missed the Live 8 concerts across the globe. We watched it on TV before & after the Elton John concert. Wasn't it just great?! Seriously, it's not often you'll get to see so many of the great singers & bands of our time play in one concert.
Hopefully those at the G8 thingy will take notice & realise that the people are trying to tell them something. A lot of people are really cynical about this but I think it was a great way to bring attention to the issue.

But enough soap-boxing from me.
I'd love to post some stunning photos from the concert we went to, but I was having a bit of a blonde day so forgot the camera at home. The best I can do is show you what we took with hubby's camera phone.
If you look very carefully you should be able to see a splotch in the middle that was the stage. Elton John was on it, I swear!