Thursday, July 28, 2005

Only 2 sleeps to go!

Well folks, it's been quite a week.

Sadly, my daytime blogging has been severely curtailed, but for good reason. After taking unpaid leave and spending an obscene amount of money on studying last year, I have finally been given the opportunity to work in a different section of our IT department. It's only temporary for the moment, while one of the lads is on leave for a month, but if I can pull it off then who knows what might happen in the future? In a nutshell, this job involves less brawn and more brain. Of course, the learning curve makes me feel like an ant embarking on a climb of Kilimanjaro but the stuff I learnt last year on my courses is coming back slowly but surely, and my boss seems quite happy to let me spend most of my day figuring stuff out, although I think I have been a little bit useful too.
And it is very cool to be thinking again, even though I was a little rusty at first!
On the down side I have moved into the desk beside my boss for the duration, so for the time being my blogging, emailing and internet surfing is being neglected.
Oh well, it's all about priorities...

Adding to my happy mood this week is the knowledge that in two days we're heading off to the Greek Islands for a week's holiday. Yippeeeeeeee!!!! So far only Crete and Santorini are the itinerary but we'll see what happens while we're there.

So at the moment even our wonderful Irish summer can't dampen my spirits - which is really saying something because today we were promised a high of 16 degrees ... yeah right!! It is cold and grey outside, the wind is howling at gale-force, and the rain hasn't stopped even for a minute the whole day.

Yep, this is what it looks like outside right now.

My shoe developed a leak on the way to work so I arrived with a soggy right foot and spent 5 minutes in the ladies' room with my sock billowing merrily under the hand dryer. Needless to say as soon as I put my sodding shoe back on the darn thing got wet again. Talk about a pointless exercise!

Oh well, look on the bright side - now I have a genuine excuse to buy a new pair of shoes :-)

Ah, there ya go, I just heard a weather report on the radio. "It's lashing with rain outside (no sh*t!) and will continue doing so for the foreseeable future (nice & specific, don't u think?) and it's 12 degrees." Twelve degrees! It's the middle of summer!!!!!
Haha, I don't care... two days from now I'll be in sunny Crete, woo hoo!!!

Speaking of which, now it's time for me to tear myself away from the computer (it's tough, but it has to be done!) so that I can give myself a pedicure. Gotta have pretty toes when visiting faraway sunny places ... to match the pretty shoes, understand?

I intend coming back with loads of photos to post on my blog, so then you can decide for yourselves if Santorini lives up to its reputation as one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Watch this space...


Anonymous said...

Enjoy Greece!! You know of course that we, your faitfull readers, want to experience Greece vicariuosly through you... so lots of pictures and adventures is the name of the game.
"And its very cool to be thinking again.." - I had a good hearty laugh when I read this. Seems I am may be heading in the opposite direction.

kyknoord said...

Ah Greece! The one place you can truly say, "It's all Greek to me". Remember to pack your factor 5 million sunscreen.

kyknoord said...

Oh yes, I almost forgot. Whatever you do, don't refer to the locals in Crete as 'Cretins'. They take a dim view of this.

Terri said...

Chitty: WOO HOO! I have 'faitfull' readers!! yay!!! I promise to tell u all about it when I get back. There's nothing like a bit of travelling to inspire me to write, so it's probably a good thing you seem to have more time on your hands at work these days.

KN: LOL! Cretins! ;-)
And yes 'Pa', I have sunscreen. And a BIG bottle of after-sun too.

Underachiever said...

Well, have fun, while we all stand in the rain waiting for you to return(I'm so dramatic)

Bring me back a "My friend went to crete and all I got was this stupid shirt" shirt.
I'll be waiting.


LiVEwiRe said...

I was all prepared to sulk because you are going to visit the 'Cretins' and I am not. Then I read about the soggy, billowing sock... they cancelled each other out. (And gave me quite a laugh.) Have a great time! =)

Anonymous said...

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