Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Let the festivities begin!

St Patrick's Day is upon us - in honour of the man who supposedly drove all the snakes out of Ireland. I don't know so much about that - there are still a few to be found on a Friday night in the Temple Bar district in Dublin!

Nonetheless, it's the time of year when the skies go grey and dump loads of rain, but despite this thousands of people turn out to watch the spectacle of the Parade in the city centre. Maybe one eightth of them actually see the parade - the rest are lucky to catch a glimpse of the occasional giant paper maché head atop one of the floats. Crowds line the streets, ten deep or more, kids clutching balloons, adults clutching umbrellas. OK that sounds a little unrealistic - surely it doesn't rain every St Patrick's Day? Well, no, I do have photos from one year when there was actual sunshine. But let's face it: it's March in Ireland!
So most adult Irish people pack into the pubs instead. After all, what better way to celebrate the patron saint of Ireland but with a Guinness or twelve?

This year we're giving the parade a miss in favour of driving down to Cork to visit our friends. Hubby will want to leave at the crack of dawn. I will want to sleep in a bit first. We'll have the same 'discussion' we have every time we're about to embark on a 'long' drive (it's not terribly far by South African standards, by it will take a good few hours) and in the end we'll agree to leave early and we'll end up leaving about half an hour later than planned. I may just have to agree with him this time, though, about leaving early. Someone reminded me that the St Patrick's Day festivities are not confined to Dublin... there are bound to be other, smaller, yet no less disruptive parades at any number of the towns and villages we have to drive through to get to Cork.

Does the term National Gridlock mean anything to you?

Anyway, I probably won't post again till next week - tomorrow night I have to re-colour my hair (what, you thought this beauty came naturally?!) and then we're away for the few days.
So Happy St Paddy's Day, my little blog-bunnies.

May the wind alway be at your back.. yadayadayada... you know the rest :-)


beadinggalinMS said...

Happy St. Paddy's Day to you!!!
This lil blog bunnie is off to munch on some carrots or clover or whatever I can find till ya get back!! :)
Have fun Terri!
big big huggiezz to ya!

anne said...

Happy Guinness, and don't drink and drive... :)

DelBoy said...

I'm sooooo jealous. It's like Notting Hill Carnival, but in the winter. It's pretty big over here too, but not as big as Dublin I'm sure!

You'll have to get your favourite green outfit out again!

Jeff said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Terri!
Have fun and be careful. :)

kyknoord said...

Maybe they're immigrant snakes? Don't forget to reload the bonnet-mounted rocket launcher before you leave.

Spookie the Warrior said...

Happy St Paddy's day to you too!! Have a lekka weekend. And dont drive over any paper machet floaty thingy's on your way to Cork - hee, everytime I say that word I giggle!

Terri said...

Beads - Carrots? Clover? I recommend chocolate - much tastier ;-)

Anne - Wouldn't dream of it. No, really. It's a real no-no in these parts. We'll most likely do our drinking in the warmth and comfort of our friends' house.

Delboy - Ooh, yay, I get to wear my leprachaun outfit again!!!

Jeff - Ta! And I'm always careful ;-)

Kyknoord - how did I get this far in life without you to remind me of these essentials?

Spookie - which word? Cork? Hon, that's one of the more believable names in this country, lol!

jason evans said...

Blogger has been so difficult lately! I can finally comment, but now half of my blog links are not accessible.

Anyway, Happy St. Patrick's day! I can't even imagine the holiday in Ireland. It must be wild. Enjoy!!

Reluctant Nomad said...

Happy St Patrick's day to you!

Despite having one of the most Irish surnames around, one that means 'the illegitimate son of the servant of St Patrick), I retreated into my shell yesterday and saw no one I know. I shall have to make amends for that tonight.

Enjoy the break.

LiVEwiRe said...

If you're having a Guinness or 12, I hope one is for me! Have a great getaway!

Terri said...

Jason - That's the spirit... blame it on blogger! ;-)

Nomad - Not celebrate Paddy's Day? And you with an Irish name? Shame on you! I hope you do a proper job of making up for it, hehe!

Livewire - Actually I skipped the Black Stuff in favour of a bottle of white wine this year. But sure, one for you, why not?!

Reluctant Nomad said...

I made up for it the follow night - oh dear, sore, sore head on Sunday!