Thursday, March 09, 2006

Wicked Stepmother Diaries #4

Turns out young Cinderella* enjoys cooking. And baking. Especially baking - which is good because hubby loves home baking. Or rather, he loves eating home baking.
The last time I baked anything was scones about 15 years ago. My sister walked into the kitchen when they were cooling and asked, "Oh goodie, who made shortbread biscuits?"

That was the last time I baked anything.
Even when Cinderella was really small she seemed to want to bake stuff - I remember buying a cake mix at her insistence once but I think she eventually got tired of waiting for me to help her make it so one Saturday she just took it upon herself and voila! She made a chocolate cake all by herself. Well, mostly - I think I helped with the measuring.

All of which brings me to the present time. About 2 weekends ago she decided she wanted to bake something and decided to attempt Hubby's all-time favourite: Milk Tart.
It was a roaring success, and needless to say baking your father's favourite sweet thing does wonders for a girl's 'shares'!

But wait, it doesn't stop there. Cinderella has now gone one step further. She found the recipe, did the shopping and successfully made Koeksisters all by herself, from scratch, last night. Again, the South Africans will know what I'm talking about; and since this is MY favourite sweet-thing, I'll take the time to describe: Imagine a light dough, plaited and deep-fried and then soaked in a home-made syrupy sauce, then refrigerated... imagine biting in through a crispy gooey outside, into the soft inside and an explosion of sweet syrup infusing your mouth... mmmmm....

I don't like lots of sweet stuff but these things are to die for...!

And you can't get them here in Ireland. Yes, I know, I could probably try & make them myself but I'm just not that way inclined. Besides, now I don't need to - there are 3 containers full of Koeksisters in the freezer today and they taste just divine!

How to make your Stepmother happy in one easy step :-)

Yep, I definitely think we'll keep this one.

*For those of you who haven't a clue who I'm talking about, Cinderella is my 15-year-old stepdaughter who has been living with us for a total of 3 months now.


jason evans said...

A wily one, the Cinderella!

anne said...

To think you were complaining yesterday, you ungrateful wicked stepmother you!

Step-grandmother said...

Way to go Cinderella! Even I have only attempted these delicacies once or twice in my lifetime.

kyknoord said...

Schweeeet! Just make sure you don't get hammered and put her in the oven like you did with the last one, okay? BTW I've posted your frangipani. I am so easy, aren't I?

Terri said...

Jason - Yes, and we're beginning to learn just how wily as time goes by, hehe

Anne - I know, I'm terrible. Someone should banish me. To Paris, preferably.

Step-Grandmother - Hi Ma! I don't remember you making Koeksisters... although I have to say I did enjoy your milk tart. And crunchies, and jam squares... waaaaah! I miss my mommy's baking!

Kyknoord - It's ok, I've gone off Stroh Rum for Lent, so she's safe for now, lol! And THANK YOU for the pic, it's Beautiful!!!

Bosbefok said...

Do you kinda get the feeling we are being teed up for something ....:-)

Oh ja, Happy anniversary !!

BUDDESS said...

Since you don't get it there, maybe she could start a little home industry and earn some moolah!!! I don't like sweet things in general, but oh my gosh, I could never resist a juicy koeksister.

Happy anniversary!!!!! Hope hubby fries up some boerie tonight.

angel said...

very impressive, and nice that they're yummy! i started putting damien in the kitchen when he started doing the "iiiiii'm booooored"thing- worked like a charm and he's pretty proud of himself too! and thanx for the cinderella explanation... i suddenly wondered if you'd found another "flash fiction" type project that i didn't know who she was! teehee!

beadinggalinMS said...

oooo Terri my mouth is watering looking that pic. I must must must make these!!

Terri said...

bosbefok - Time will tell, lol! Happy Anniversary 2 u 2!

buddess - Do you have any idea how long it takes to make a batch of those things?!

angel - Good Mom - teach him to cook while he's still young. His wife will thank you one day :-)

beads - Give it a try. With your sweet tooth you're bound to love them!

whatalotoffun said...

Koeksisters are the best. I love it. Buddess is right you will make lots of bucks with them. I like them half frozen.
Happy anniversary