Friday, April 28, 2006

Friday quickie

It's another beautiful morning here today: blue skies & sunshine, birds tweeting, blossoms blossoming, the works. Best of all though, it's Friday. Not just any Friday, though - it's the start of a Bank Holiday weekend here. That's right, Monday is a holiday and rumour has it the weather is planning to stay good for the whole weekend. Woo hoo! I think I can now safely say that winter is finally over for a while :-)

My li'l sister is coming to visit from London this evening for a few days. You know what that means, don't you? Too much wine, too much talking and too much shopping. Over-indulgence at it's finest.
Needless to say I won't be spending too much time on the computer this weekend.

So before I disappear into the real world for a few days, I thought I'd pop a quick post up here to keep you company in case you think I'm neglecting you. So here are today's announcements:

First I'd like to congratulate my Cousin, Del and his other half who brought a bouncing baby boy into the world this week. Can't wait to meet him, Cuz... and... Pictures! We want more pictures!

Second, if you have some time and a shortage of reading material, you may want to mosey on over to The Clarity of Night. Jason has been running a short fiction contest and the response has been fantastic. Entries closed yesterday. You can read mine here or on my terristories blog. All the entries were superb and it's interesting to see how the same picture inspires such a variety of stories.

And third, I'm outta here. Have a great weekend, wherever you are!


anne said...

I really liked your story, Terry.
Have a fantastic weekend!

kyknoord said...

Me too. Beautifully rendered and so very human.

Jeff said...

I really liked your story too, Terri.
I hope you have a great weekend! :)

DelBoy said...

Thanks for the wishes Cuz. Have a good weekend (without a hangover!) And good luck to hubby having to put up with THREE women this weekend!

beadinggalinMS said...

Have fun this weekend! :)

angel said...

congrats on the new baby!
sa also has a long weekend- monday is workers day...
i'm going right over to read tyour story, i love writing from a picture!

Lori said...

Hope you are having a fabulous weekend. ;)

Terri said...

Anne - Glad u liked the story. Hope you had a good weekend too.

Kyknoord - Human emotions are my favourite thing to write about.

Jeff - Thanks Jeff. Weekend was good but it's almost over now :(

Del - Hiya, Pa! Unfortunately the hangover was inevitable. Hubby coped by hiding under his headphones & playing PC games, lol!

Beads - You too honey!

Angel - Ooh, like the new profile pic :-)

Lori - I did... I am... you too.