Monday, May 01, 2006

Ghostly stuff

Spookie started commenting on blogs months ago, but for a long time she was just a name: "Banquo". No link, no blog, just an anonymous commenter. And then one day POOF!! she magically transformed herself from Banquo to Spookie, took the plunge and opened her blog to the world. She calls it Just Me and her by-line reads "This is me. Just me, nothing fancy."

To her credit, she lives up to this. But "Just Me" in Spookie-speak is something quite unique. She sees the funny side of life and will tell you stories about the little things that happen every day, which will have you laughing out loud. Well, I do anyway and that's one of the things I like most about reading her blog. That, and she wrote me a poem once :)

Oh, and she takes really good photographs too. The ones she took on a recent holiday to Belfast (that's Belfast, SA, not Belfast, Ireland!) made me quite homesick for South Africa.

Did I mention she lives in Gauteng in SA?

Spookie is a mother and stepmother, sister, daughter and wife. She did a great job recently of posting a 100 Things About Me list so if you want to find out the details, just click the link. What you will find out is that she LOVES cats and she HATES people who can't pee straight, hehe!
[Pst! When doing an interview I have to say this is a very handy thing to be able to look at, so thanks, Spookie!]

That's right - she volunteered to be interviewed by me, so without further ado, Spookie, here are your questions:

Question 1:
It's proving quite difficult to come up with questions for you, because you're so open about yourself on your blog. You have a husband who makes you happy, children you adore and parents and siblings you obviously love dearly. You seem to be happy in yourself. In fact, you seem to have the perfect life - one you are completely content with. Is this an accurate reflection or do you have regrets, or things you would change if you could?

Question 2:
This sort of relates to question 1, but not quite... How did you picture your life as a grown-up when you were young? Is it very different now to what you wanted for yourself when you were a kid?

Question 3:
OK we've had one on the present and one on the past, so let's have one for the future. Do you envisage any big changes in your future? For want of a better phrase - where do you see yourself in 10 years' time?

Question 4:
You live in Centurion which is in Jo'burg if my geography doesn't deceive me. From my point of view - having lived out of the country for almost 5 years now - South Africa has changed enormously in recent years and is continuing to change rapidly. How do you feel about South Africa? Have the changes made a big impact on your life, and if so, in what way? Do you think circumstances will ever prompt you do make any major life changes like moving away from Gauteng, or even away from South Africa?

Question 5:
Ah, you thought you'd got away with it, didn't you? Yes, Spookie, it's The One You Don't Really Know If You Want To Answer. After lulling you into a false sense of security, I'm going to get personal. Because really, there's only one personal question I have to ask you: Will you tell us the story about how you met your husband? I know he was married when you met him and I know this causes you to feel guilty sometimes. You have also mentioned in one of your posts that your early relationship with your stepchildren was a bit difficult. How did they come to live with you? OK I know this is a multi-part question but it's all the same theme so I'm hoping you'll humour me.

And now you can breathe again. It's over, and you survived. But then, I think that's what you do. Now be a good girl and don't forget to post The Rules at the end of your answers on your blog ;-)


beadinggalinMS said...

Terri you are an excellent interviewer. I can't wait to read her answers.

Spookie the Warrior said...

OK, got the questions - will elt you know when I am done. Good questions, I must say!

Spookie the Warrior said...

Errrm, that *let you know...

Spookie the Warrior said...

Me again! I am done with my answers, you can go and have a read.

Terri said...

Wow, quite the over-achiever aren't you Spookie... that was quick! :-D

Come on Beads, let's go take a look...

angel said...

this is gonna be good...

Lori said...

Hi Terri,
you ask such great questions, is it to late to ask to be interviewed?

Terri said...

Angel - It was good :)

Lori - Since you asked so nicely, I'll see what I can put together for you.