Friday, June 16, 2006

what can I say? it's friday.

It's the company's Summer BBQ this evening. In honour of this today is 'Casual Day' at work. Actually, they call it 'Smart Casual Day' and there are rules & guidelines up on the intranet to stop the lads arriving in strappy fishnet tops with their belly-rings hanging out. Basically, we get to wear jeans to work, yay! Only, I'm wearing a long flowy skirt but that's my prerogative.

I toyed with the idea of attending this do tonight but have decided against it. There are a number of excuses I could give, but the main one is I Don't Wanna. Not sure why, exactly. Maybe because I don't want to end up having to pay a small fortune for taxi fare to get home in the middle of the night, after having too much to drink... in fact the too much to drink bit is a large part of it too. I'm really not enjoying drinking at the moment, I don't know why - that's just the way it is. Plus, it would mean a fair portion of the evening would be spent outdoors (being a BBQ and all) and even though it's summer here, temperatures have still been dropping to below 10 degrees at night. I don't care what anyone says - that is cold! I would much rather be curled up at home with Hubby watching a nice movie or something.

Besides, Today Could Be The Day We Get The Keys To The New House!!!!
And if that's the case, I'm gonna have to get cracking on the packing. My friend has been asking me every day for the past week, "Have you started packing yet?", to which I have replied, "Er, No."
Because I cannot lie.

However, today I can officially say "Yes, I have started packing!"
I packed the books from the bookshelf in the corner into a box. So ok, it's only one box but it's a start.
No prizes for guessing what Terri is getting up to this weekend ;)

So you guys are just gonna have to go and have an exciting and wonderful weekend on my behalf, OK?
And that means you have to tell me what you're getting up to, otherwise the plan is no good, OK?

ps I promise to make up for this boring post with a photo or 2 soon. I haven't even had my coffee yet this morning so quite honestly even typing this lot up is quite an achievement :)


Bosbefok said...

I wondered why you were rushing around like a blue arsed fly this morning .... :-) A quick blog before breakfast ...?

Fence said...

I have no plans, as usual. Actually, that is a lie. I'm planning on getting out of bed at some ungodly hour (for a Sat) and heading to the Woolshed to watch the rugby.
All on my own. So that'll be exciting ;)

anne said...

You know, there's a lot I'd be willing to give to start packing myself... so let's make a deal, you and me. I'll tell you what exciting stuff I may have been up to (don't hold your breath), while you pack up a box or two for me.

Also. Don't tell us this isn't exciting to you. You'll be using BOXES!

beadinggalinMS said...

Hey you got one box packed!! I will keep fingers crossed and my toes too that you will get the keys. :)
Not much on plans here this weekend. My fuzzy lil sis n law may be here this weekend. If she is then it could mean some all night girl talk YEAH!!

Lori said...

Terri have a wonderful weekend, I hope you get your keys.

No major plans here just some relax time with my boys.

Terri said...

Bosbefok - actually I posted this when I got to work. Shh!

Fence - Well if you ask my husband, that's exactly what rugby Saturdays are for. Enjoy!

Anne - I'm waiting in anticipation... and hehehe, boxes are fun, but it's the opening them when I don't know what's inside that is the fun part. Packing them, not so much.

Beads - Yakking with your fuzzy sister in law sounds like it could be fun LOL!

Lori - Well thanks, but as it turned out, no keys today :-( Probably just as well considering very little has been packed... I'd just want to move tonight ;-)

jason evans said...

We plan on going out on the Chesapeake Bay on Sunday. Maybe you'd rather come with us.

-Ann said...

I never go to work things. I know that is horribly unsociable of me, but it's struggle enough for me to go to my friends' parties. Spending more time with the people I already spend 40 hours a week with? I don't think so. I only have so many social interactions in me.

angel said...

gasp- splutter- it's the men with the bellyrings?!?
ok... well, today is a holiday in south africa, so i slept till noon!
good packing to ya doll!

Terri said...

Jason - What time should I be there?

-ann - no explanations required; I know exactly what you mean.

Angel - hehe, not really, I may have used a little creative license with that statement ;) But people have been known to go a bit overboard and as a result we no longer have casual day every friday during the summer like we used to. Too much belly hanging out doesn't do too much for the image the bank is trying to project, male or female.