Monday, July 09, 2007

Getting Poetic in Sunny South Africa

This place of ours cannot be told
To understand, you must behold
first hand, the glowing sunrise
bursting into skies
of endless blue;
a mirror of the ocean
crashing merciless upon white sand.

Here lives go on as others do
but not,
for though so beautiful
the land is harsh
sun beating down
turns seas of grassland golden brown
We pray for rain and when it comes
new rivers form where none should be.

Survival is a daily fight
and so we leave;
we search the globe
for better lives and gentle days
but soon enough that dusty land
that grows inside from when we're babes
calls out from deep inside our soul;
No matter where our feet may lead
our hearts are in this land, our home.


Anonymous said...

You gave a beautiful sense of the land. I think I know a little better what it is like to have been raised there.

LiVEwiRe said...

There must be a part of you that is really torn over staying vs going. SA will always be in your blood even though you have opted to try a new road. It must be comforting to know that you are always welcome there.

It is the question said...

Welcome home Terri!

Enjoy those beautiful Eastern cape beaches, even if only for a brisk winter's walk.


angel said...


buddess said...

Amazing words Terri!!!

Terri said...

Jason - High praise indeed :)

LiVEwIRe - More welcome than you would believe. It's like we never left.

IITQ - The beaches are beautiful aren't they?! I took some pics at Cannon Rocks the other day which I'll share with you guys soon.

Angel - teeehee ;)

Buddess - Glad u like 'em. Seeya at lunch :-)

Brigitte said...

There's no place like home hey?

Terri said...

Brigitte - And there never will be.