Tuesday, July 24, 2007

back to reality

Oddly enough I was actually not devastated to come home to Dublin this time. That is not to say I didn't howl like it was the end of the world when we said goodbye to my Mom and stepson at the airport on Friday evening because I did. So much so that I set Cinderella off too... and I could've sworn I even saw Hubby's eyes well up. Hardly surprising, I suppose, since he had his two favourite girls sobbing on his shoulders at the same time in the departures lounge.
But once I'd recovered from that, I was OK. In fact I was actually glad to be back in our own house again (and my back was most pleased to see my own bed). I may not have exactly skipped off to work yesterday morning but I didn't want to stick a poker in my eye over it either. Perhaps getting to ride my bike again helped. [Insert Cheshire cat grin here.]

So what can I tell you about the holiday? The weather was fantastic - sunshine and blue skies for all but 2 days of our 3 weeks there, and warm enough to wear T-shirts. Except at night when it actually got quite cold and the houses in SA wouldn't know double-glazing or central heating if it hit them in the facias. But it was certainly an improvement over our Irish summer (53 consecutive days of rain, so I've been told!).

In some ways it was like we had never left, after just a couple of days there. In other ways it was like a flashback to a previous life. And somewhere along the way something settled in my soul. It's really difficult to explain but it's as if something has been resolved inside of me, something that was causing conflict before; I am now genuinely OK with not moving back there. It feels good.

We partied with our friends and yes, karaoke was involved. You can check out the evidence over at Oodlesofnoodlesoffun.
We had a highly entertaining (and rather extended) lunch with both the aforementioned Buddess and another blogger, Katt, with whom some of you may already be familiar.
We ate braaivleis (BBQ) and seafood until we were hankering for no more than a sandwich.
We sat in the sun at every opportunity and I'm pleased to say I no longer look like a corpse.
I even read a book from start to finish.

I also took a couple of hundred photographs which I will be sorting and uploading along with the promised pics from my latest Paris excursion shortly... Just as soon as I've managed to catch up on some blog reading.
It's amazing how much you people manage to write in 3 weeks!


Fence said...

Welcome back. And remember, if the rain gets you down, it could be worse. You could be living in Gloucester :)

laurie said...

oh, welcome back! i missed you. you must have a million blogs to catch up on. i never did get around to posting a beach picture on my family blog, but i don't have one to rival yours anyway.

glad you're home. i do hope it stops raining there... and i hope your tan lasts.

kyknoord said...

Not me. I waited for you to return.

Del said...

Good to have you back Cuz!

Karaoke ey? That could be a sight! How are the family in PE anyway?

Aus has been great so far. We're even firing up the (gas) BBQ tonight!

Katt said...

Okay, 5th attempt at posting this...

Glad you are happy to be back, Terri. You guys left just in time and I think you left a big slice of Irish weather behind.

Can you send Budd and I some plans and suggestions for double glazing, please?


chitty said...

Seems the holiday did wonders for you and I'm glad to see that it helped you to put things into perspective.

Terri said...

Fence - Ah, there's that "glass is half-full" attitude we know and love ;)

Laurie - OK so it wasn't so much of a tan as a little bit of colour, which the Irish weather has a tendency to suck right off you as soon as you hit the ground here, hehe!

Kyknoord - I would expect nothing less, Eyore.

Del - They're all good except the kids are a lot bigger which is to be expected, I guess. I haven't got round to catching up on your travel stories yet but the pics you took on your travels are amazing!

Katt - Sorry 'bout that ;) OK so you take a piece of glass, right? Oh who am I kidding, I haven't a clue! Ask Google ;)

Chitty - Apparently a holiday is as good as a change.

Brigitte said...

"...something settled in my soul..." That is just the phrase I have been looking for.

Thanks for the comment you left me, it means a lot to me.

Welcome home - to blog land and to Ireland. I am glad you had such a good time here in S.A.

jason evans said...

I was dreading (a little) your post about how you felt returning to Ireland. It seems, though, that this trip was more about healing. It didn't open new wounds.

Glad to have you back!

angel said...

heh heh, i blogged a lot less than usual! i can't wait for your photos!

angel said...

and i'm not talking to you or buddess or katt coz i'm jealous you got to jol together!

Dawn said...

Howzit, and welcome back! I saw on Spookie's blog that you are home. My blog will be one that you will have the least to catch up on - if you even think it's worth going to check - haha. Just have been in a different space for a while. Have been equally slack with blog visiting but am super keen to catch up on your posts during your time away. Will pop back once I have read them all. Lots of love to you.

Terri said...

Brigitte - We should all have that feeling some time.

Jason - Thx for being concerned :) I must admit it could have gone either way and it was only when I got back that I realised that yes, it was about healing, replenishing my soul and coming to terms with things. Phew!

Angel - We'll just have to catch up next time eh?!

Dawn - I've actually read your latest but never got to leave a comment (that happens to me a lot these days, LOL!). As Arnie would say, "I'll be back..."