Tuesday, August 28, 2007

moving along swiftly

At first I was afraid - I was petrified,
Kept thinking I could never really learn to ride a bike.
But then I spent all summer long
riding back and forth to work and I grew strong,
and I learned how to move along

I made it through,
I did the deed,

and now it's time for me to move onto a bigger steed.
The little one it was okay
but it's too small for motorways
and so I got myself this beauty, ain't it gorgeous, watcha say..?

Yep, I've graduated!
To a Suzuki GS500.
The final straw was when I was rudely pushed into the yellow line along the motorway not so long ago by a truck. I had no choice - my 125cc bike just didn't have the oomf to get me out of the way any other way and the truck driver was pretty single-minded about wanting to be where I was.

When I first test-drove the new one two weekends ago I thought, "Nothing this much fun could possibly be legal!"
But it is - it's street-legal, and learner-legal, and it seems there is absolutely no reason for me not to have it. I really did need the extra power. Half of my daily commute is on the motorway and I need a top speed of over 100kph to be safe.

But yes, I confess, the throaty growl and zippy acceleration were what actually sold me....
And it's purty, dontcha think?!


angel said...

sheesh, now i'm REALLY not going to talk to you... i dunno bout you but i find it hard to talk when i'm sulking and green with envy.

Anonymous said...

You go girl!

I know what you mean by being anemic on the highway. The little cycle I rode years ago struggled to keep speed. Safety's the top concern (or something). ;)

Terri said...

Angel - Aw don't be sulky... read my latest post; it's not all smooth sailing LOL!

Jason - Safety first, of course... the adrenaline has nothing to do with it ;-)

DelBoy said...

Wow!! Now I am jealous!

BTW, I now have my full motorcycle license. Let's just say that the Australians can't read a British drivers license very well, so when I got mine converted, I suddenly graduated to the real deal!

Word verification (no lies): bikgp

Katt said...

Girl, that ain't purty! That is just pure sexy.

Terri said...

Del - Bonus! Do you got a bike? LOL @ word veri!

Katt - innit just?!

-Ann said...

Very nice! And an excellent colour too.

Adam Reiner said...

Greetings from Colorado. I must say, nice blog! I stumbled upon your blog while searching for 'GS500'. I like your writing style. Nice bike, too. I'm still debating whether I want to buy one, this late in the season, but the GS500 is on my short list.