Monday, December 10, 2007

winter wonderland

I'd forgotten how cold it gets in this place in Winter. It was probably around 3 degrees outside when I rode to work this morning; in fact I would guess that would be optimistic. I only started riding a motorcycle last winter and because I was still learning, I was only going as far as the train station and back. The full trips into the City only started in about April, when the days were longer and the weather relatively warmer. I have been loving the freedom of having my own transport, being able to come and go as is convenient to me and not being a slave to train timetables.
This morning, though, I began to seriously consider returning to my old ways of driving just the kilometer or so to the train station instead. It could've been my imagination but I thought the road felt just a tad more slippery this morning than it should have. Could it be the days of black ice are almost upon us? I just don't know if I feel up to facing 25km each way on roads that could turn into a skating rink without warning. It's been pretty tough the last few weeks anyway as it's now always dark on both journeys, to and from work. It has been aggravated by stupidly strong winds and lashing rain, at times; not exactly optimal driving conditions, to say the least.
All credit to my biking gear, though, I can honestly say the cold has not been a problem... except for the hands. I bought thicker gloves a while back but this morning I may as well have been bare handed and by the time I got into town and finally came to a stop at a red light where I could drop my hands down to warm up next to the engine, they were completely numb from the cold. Not fun.
So as much as I don't want to, I think the time may have arrived for me to choose discretion over valor and return to the trains for a while.
Yet another reason for me to hate winter in this place!

I think that's why people go so overboard with Christmas decorations. It can be so bloody miserable here, but the pretty lights and various baubles do go a long way in brightening things up. Even young Cinderella has twigged on this now - yesterday morning she and Hubby took it upon themselves to dig out all our Christmas decorations from their hidey-holes in the attic and haul the whole lot downstairs. She then proceded to find our "Christmas Greats" double CD and enthusiastically took the lead in decorating the tree while singing along to all the Christmas hits that are currently playing non-stop in shopping malls and on radio stations everywhere. I was unfortunately under the influence of some serious painkillers in an attempt to rid myself of a migraine (not induced by coffee this time - where will it end?!) so I had a hard time keeping up. It was like sharing a house with two Tazmanian devils... Hubby even had the hammer and nails out and we are the first house in our cul-de-sac to have icicle-lights strung from our little porch. Not only that, our front door is now also sporting a pretty and festive-looking Christmas wreath.

It's a far cry from last Christmas, where Miss Muffett wanted to cringe at the very thought of anything other than just a Christmas tree, using words like 'kitsch' and such like with a look akin to horror on her face.
Yep, someone has discovered the joys of Christmas spirit.
I wonder if that will extend to helping out with Christmas dinner..?


Lori said...

Its beginning to look alot like Christmas hehehe.

Lori said...
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Lori said...

Sorry Terri that was me, I was so excited about your Christmas lights I sent my comment twice.

laurie said...

i think you're right that christmas is all about lights to hold off the darkness....

and it all seems much more important when it's cold.

(i mean, of course, in addition to the religious part of it all.)

DelBoy said...

We don't even have a tree yet, what with the new house and all! Maybe I should go out and get one and surprise the whole family.

I must admit, it is great to have a hot Chrissie again!

angel said...

it looks so pretty!
well, like last year, i am so not in the mood... damien and i haven't put our tree up yet where it used to be up by the 1st of december at the latest!
hope you're feeling better now at least?

Jeff said...

Ice on the roads can be so dangerous. Be careful.
When I enlarge the picture of your door it's a bit blurry, but it looks like you have a beautiful wreath.
I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas, Terri. :)

Terri said...

Lori - Ya think..? ;-) The excitement of Christmas is REALLY contagious, eh?!

Laurie - Um, Oh, Yes of course, apart from all that...

Del - Have a beer in the sun on Christmas day for me 'kay?

Angel - Aw c'mon now... that Christmas spirit is just waiting to attack you. I'm fully expecting pics of your pretty tree real soon (of course with my blogging habits these days they may already be up for all I know - {sigh}

Jeff - This wouldn't be one of my prize photos, exactly, LOL! It was freezing and I wasn't going to mess about with tripods and such - just stepped outside, went 'click' and dashed back in again.

Lex said...

Christmas dinner is going to be great.It is the company at the dinner that is the thing. Hope you have invited the best.