Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Terri the Toothless Wonder

I had been dreading yesterday for the past two weeks, ever since a visit to the dentist resulted in a visit to an Oral Surgeon who promptly declared there was nothing for it but to remove a pesky wisdom tooth from my jaw.
Say whaaaaat...??!!!!

So yesterday morning, just after the crack of dawn (because dawn cracks quite early here at this time of year), Hubby drove me across town to the hospital. It is a very nice hospital, actually, one I was extremely glad my medical insurance was paying for, removing the need for us to re-mortgage the house.
I was, quite frankly, terrified. Not so much for the pain that was sure to follow - I had my tonsils out at age 18 and that hurt like hell and I was sort of expecting that sort of thing again.
No, what scared me the most was going under general anaesthetic. I'm not sure why, exactly, as I've been there twice before and without any nasty side-effects. I think perhaps it's a control-freak's nightmare; giving over control of your state of mind to someone you've actually never met before. Or that's what Freud would say, I'm sure.

Nonetheless, I went under the knife and awoke from a beautiful sleep in a comfortable bed with kind-looking nurses fussing around and bringing me yoghurt and apple juice. A girl could get used to that sort of service. Although to be fair to Hubby, he has been looking after me really well - he was terribly concerned about me and has been very good about making sure I'm comfortable and following doctors' orders, i.e. Don't forget to take the antibiotics and Do remember to wash your mouth out with hot salty water.
Gross, but OK if you insist...

The biggest bonus about all of this is that I've been booked off work for a week. So I don't care if I look like I'm smuggling a golf ball in my jaw, or that I sound like a pissed Sylvester Stallone when I talk - I get a whole week of rest :-)
Of course if I thought I'd get anything constructive done this week I was mistaken; The happy fog from the anaesthetic yesterday has been replaced by a dozy fog from the painkillers; although quite honestly this isn't anywhere near as sore as it was when my tonsils removed!

Plus, I got flowers and a get-well balloon and chocolates and a teddy bear from my friend so really, this whole thing is going much better than I could have hoped.


LiVEwiRe said...

I'm so glad to hear you are ok! There is a certain amount of anxiety that goes along with giving up control and even more when pain may be involved. On Thursday I go to another dental specialist to a consult for this recurring issue so I know sort of how you feel. As you indicated, I fully support anesthesia of some variety as well. It makes me love them! Hopefully your pain is being managed and you'll be on your way to recovery soon! Oh, DON'T SMOKE (or uses a straw) for several days (at least) lest you end up with a dry socket and all prior recollections of pain will be tossed out the window and replaced by what you will be convinced is a harbinger of death. Trust me on this one - it isn't worth it to risk getting a dry socket. Even if you do have sweet gifts to distract you! ;) Take care and please realize that I never made one crack (not one!) about you possibly being less wise due to the loss of a wisdom tooth. Er, well, until now that is! =) Be well and enjoy your weeks rest!

angel said...

aaaw... so sweet to get hospital spoils!
i am glad you're okay.

kyknoord said...

Poor Terri. Are you going to be de-clawed next?

kitty said...

yikes - this sounds miserable... I know I mentioned somewhere recently that I haven't been to a dentist in 8 years
so I'm always worried that something is going to come up that will be drastic and painful and cause us to have to sell a kidney or two

anyway - I'm glad this wasn't as bad as you feared and I hope you feel 100% better really soon =)

mississippilinda said...

I hope your feeling better soon. I second what livewire says about the dry socket!!! You do not want that!!!!
Cute teddy! :)

Terri said...

LiVEwiRe - How exactly does one use a straw to smoke..? Having not figured that out, and being scared shitless of a dry socket (sounds dreadful!) I have actually not smoked for a few days. When I did try they tasted crap and I really didn't enjoy them anyway so who knows? This may be the start of something for me...?
ps Thanks for the self-control w.r.t. my wisdomless state. Sort of ;-)

Angel - I know, how special do I feel?!!

Kyknoord - Yah, right after they dock my tail and pry the pitchfork from my hands.

Kitty - hehe, I SO know what u mean! This was my first dentist visit in about 5 years and look what happened! Mind you, the reason I went in the first place was 'cos I looked like I'd be socked in the jaw so I guess it was kind of expected.

Mississippilinda - I feel much better, am even off the hard-line painkillers today and coping with just normal paracetamol :-) The Teddy is adorable and just the right size that I can use him as a pillow under the top half of my face when I want to lie on my side, and there's nothing pressing on my jaw then to make it sore. Cool, eh?!