Saturday, June 28, 2008

So this is how it is for people who don't blog?

Is anyone still there.....?

It's finally happened. Real life has taken all my attention and I've almost forgotten how to blog. I'm tired of stressing about my lack of writing and blogging time and given in.
I'm here now, and that's gotta count for something, right?

So what, you may ask, has been keeping me so very busy that I've deserted my cyberfriends?

Well my bestest shopping buddy in the world came to visit a few weekends back and we shopped for 3 days solid (or was it 4? Felt like 4!). And we went to the movies and saw the ultimate chick flick: Sex in the City. And it was great!

Last weekend Hubby's sister & her brood came up and we adults went to go see Eric Clapton at Malahide Castle.
I've never been a huge Clapton fan, but Hubby really wanted to go so I bought some gumboots and went along for the ride.
... the gumboots? Oh, that's because it was p*ssing with rain. Again. Still. Eric even thanked us for not, y'know, leaving.
Anyway, I really enjoyed the concert. It wasn't one of those scream-and-shout-and-throw-your-undies-on-the-stage sort of concerts or anything; the music was just really good - high praise considering I had never heard most of it before. Except for Layla, of course. And we only got half of that 'cos the power went out. (Probably short-circuited something in the rain!)
Yep, I really enjoyed it.

This weekend I've been studying and will continue to do so - I have an exam scheduled for the 14th and I figured it was time I actually opened a book. I should be studying now but it's late and I need a break. It is weekend, after all, and I've been working really hard lately, at work. You may have noticed this in the lack of blogging I've been doing.

It's been an emotional couple of weeks, too. The one and only person I could actually call Friend at work has left the company... and the country, for that matter. We had a great old Leaving Drinks evening for her, which was fun. And then she left, and I was quite sad about the whole thing. Then again, email makes the world a smaller place and we're still in touch so it's not all bad.

What is all bad is that one of our mates here in Ireland passed away last week. We went to the Removal on Monday evening, followed by drinks till very late that night (was that the Wake? We're a little hazy on the intricacies of dying in Ireland - it seems very complicated!) and then the funeral on Tuesday morning.
That was just so, so sad. He was one of the most fun-loving people I ever met and his laugh is unforgettable. The church was packed to overflowing - there were literally people standing outside during the Mass. When it was finished, and they started to carry the coffin out, the singer sang "Fly me to the moon..." It was the saddest moment in a very long time and I'm not afraid to say I sobbed my eyes out.
Hm, I thought it was all gone but here I am, tears in my eyes again.
We do miss you, Mickey.

But sure, death is part of life and perhaps with each loss I'm finding it easier to cope with.
(What I'm trying to say is yes, I'm sad, but I'm not falling apart so any family members reading this please don't panic; I'm not on the verge of a breakdown!)

Meanwhile, I have actually started writing something about our trip to Greece. I REALLY WAS THERE! SEE, PHONE CAMERA PROVES IT!

Four times I've started writing, in fact. The last draft is about halfway through. I have yet to do anything about the photographs. It'll come, eventually, and you guys will be the first to see it.
Just, you know, don't hold your breath.

'Cos right now there's just a little bit too much going on and although the writer in me wants to fight it, real life sort of has to take precedence.

And now: Chapter 3 awaits me. "Database Storage and Schema Objects"
Betcha wish you were me now...!


mississippilinda said...

OOOO Terri look at that beautiful blue water!!!

I want to see the Sex and the City movie. Glad to hear you gave it a good review.

Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend and another one moving. big b big hugs to you!!!

Please excuse any mistakes I make I can not seem to get the pop up window on blogger to get bigger. so I am only see a fourth of what I am typing.

QUIT stressing about not being able to blog. That is an order! heehee. You would hate to have me fly over there and try to kick your ass. LOL

till next time!! :)

Jeff said...

I'm glad you're posting again, Terri. Sorry to hear about the death of your friend.
Good luck with your writing!

Rose said...
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Anonymous said...

Sorry about your friend, Terri.

Great to see the catch up post!

LiVEwiRe said...

Nice to see you again. So very sorry to learn of your loss. The tears stop when they are ready and not a moment before. Of course I've been thinking that I want to make you my personal vacation planner!

Terri said...

Linda - Honey I'd be thrilled for you to fly over here and kick my ass :-) The flying over part, that is, not the ass-kicking part, LOL! Actually... it's warmer where you are. How 'bout I fly over there so you can (not necessarily) kick my ass?

Jeff - Thanks. Perhaps I should wait until I retire to concentrate on the writing? Only another 30 years (give or take!) to go...

Jason - It's good to know you guys are still out there and checking in here :) I'll be over to your place soon, I'm sure I've missed loads of good stuff.

LiVEwIRe - I thought of you when writing about my friend. You've had a run of bad news yourself over the last while, I know. I'm afraid I'm gonna have to pass on the Personal Vacation Planner position - it's hard enough getting my own sorted... I must spend about 3 full days' worth of time spread over a couple of weeks at least on each one. It's exhausting. I can almost see why some people pay someone else to do it. Oh, I see now... LOL! I'll give you this for free though: the Greek islands are a winner every time :-)

angel said...

what a gawjiss picture! you look amazing!
good luck with the studying... my lil sister has just finished her semester exams and did quite well, she's very glad its over for now!

Jax said...

Hi T,

Glad to see you're writing again. Good luck with the exam and keep blogging....


LiVEwiRe said...

If you're on another vacation before you've planned mine, I'm gonna, um, well, I suppose I'll just be really cranky and whine... ;)

Terri said...

Angel - Ja, look amazing with all the extra covering on my bod. You do NOT want to see the one of me in just a swimsuit. Or perhaps I don't want you to see it, hehe!

Jax - Does once every 3 weeks count..?

LiVeWIre - No such luck I'm afraid. But feel free to be cranky and whine anyway ;-)