Wednesday, November 26, 2008

only the nose knows

It's late and I have almost the entire wing of our office to myself. Daylight is but a distant memory and I only have the hum of the air conditioning for comfort. I am waiting patiently (?!) for something to finish running on my PC so I can go home.
Despite the fact that it is very much Winter here now, the windows are open and an icy breeze is whispering in from the blackness outside. I have my long woollen coat wrapped around from my waist to my feet, and a pashmina (or shawl, for those of you men who still don't know what a Pashmina is) blanketing my upper body to fend off the chill.

Yes, it's uncomfortable, but will I close the windows?
Not a chance!

You see, there appears to be a plumbing problem nearby and the maintenance guy has been 'fixing' it for 2 days now. The floor is ripped up and the area is cordonned off like a crime scene. A grimy lake lies beneath the open floorboards and every time the dude does one of those mysterious things that plumber-type people do, it seems to release a cloud of gases that stink in a very similar manner to the way sulphur stinks.
And all of this is about 6 feet away from my desk.

... and all of a sudden in a freakish turn of events, the thing I was waiting for has finished running on my PC...
I'm outta here....!!!!!!


angel said...

oh my word... has he finished? i wouldn't close the window either!

Terri said...

Angel - Nope, and it's now Friday night. They've had a small army of people in looking at it; I heard a rumour it'll be fixed over the weekend. Hold thumbs..!