Friday, August 19, 2005

A Pointless Post

Well aren't I just the worst blogger in history? I feel quite guilty 'bout the lack of new postings - haven't had the time to make new ones at work due to actually working (and still enjoying the experience of using my brain for a change in my new job)... and my evenings have been full this week cos we have friends visiting from Jersey. That's Jersey island, one of the Channel Islands between England & France, not Jersey in the USA, in case u were wondering.
They're from my hometown too and left SA shortly after we did.
I must say I have REALLY enjoyed having good friends around this week - does wonders to alleviate the homesickness that's been plaguing me lately.

There's no actual point to this post, I just feel chatty and I want to tell the world how much happier I am at work these days. I was approached 4 weeks ago and given this opportunity to work in the DBA (database administration) team for a month while someone was on leave. Well I am loving it! And the best part is, it looks like the month will be extended so I'm learning all this new stuff and it's challenging and interesting (well, to me it is!) and believe it or not I think I may even be becoming useful here, all of which really makes me feel good.
Yes, I enjoy using my brain and I like to be constructive at work. Does that make me a nerd? Tough!

It's just so strange to be happy at work. I didn't realise how miserable I was here before. Boredom is a terribly destructive thing, isn't it? Although it did leave me more time to blog at leisure, hehe!
Seriously, I feel like I'm doing real, proper IT stuff now, not just plugging in PC's and hand-holding techno-eejits!
I'm like one of those people you see on TV - typing at 100mph, using a black screen with white terminal font - no more point-and-click, oh no sirree! Makes me look much cleverer!

Oh dear, I think I've had too much coffee today. Time to switch to decaf else I'll be bouncing off the ceiling soon. Not to be confused with dancing on the ceiling, of course, which I'm much better at.

And now I'm going to try post this thing before it degenerates into completely insane rambling, and/or the day overtakes me again. I will try make a less caffeine-induced & more lucid post soon. Ok maybe lucid is the wrong word - I'm seldom that. Oh dear there's that rambling thing again..... byeeeeeee ........!


ChittyChittyBangBang! said...

I quite enjoyed reading the pointless post. Nice to read about the little things that makes someone else's day.
Enjoy the weekend and lets kick some Wallaby ass!!! Bokke... jou bielie! (Raises a Castle Lager)

Underachiever said...

Pointless posts? Have you read mine? I do it all the time, its my bread and butter. Sheesh.

As long as you don't drink and have a two day hangover we'll be ok.

Undr(prophet or late commenter? You decide)

kyknoord said...

Consider this: if you delete an entry that nobody has read, was it truly pointless?

Anonymous said...

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Terri said...

Chitty - glad u enjoy the meanerings of my mind. And the Bokke must've heard u hey? Woo hoo!

Undr - you make a good point ;-)

KN - much like if a tree falls over in a forest & there's no-one around to hear it does it really make a noise, huh? Or if Terri has a thought & she doesn't blog it, did she really have it?
Or if the Bokke beat the Aussies & nobody watched it, did they still win? HELL YES!!!

I'm contemplating blocking anonymous comments - these spamments are extremely annoying.

Bosbefok said...

And now there isnt a goddamn Aussie to be found when you want one..... Who can we possibly sledge
when they hide so well....

Terri said...

And a special welcome to bosbefok... lets see how long it takes 4 people t figure out we're related :-)

James said...

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