Tuesday, November 15, 2005

First, last and now...

I decided yet again to take Undr up on his offer taking one of his famous 'meme's' and making it my own. Sheesh, the guy's gonna start pressing for royalties soon if I don't watch out.
So anyway, here we are...
You're my first, my last, my.... current??
OK enough messing around, on with the show!


First best friend: Cindy. We met when I was 2 and have been friends ever since.
First Car: Red & white VW 'Citi' Golf. I loved that car!
First kiss: Brett, age 12. All the girls thought he was gorgeous. He was also shorter than me. He was also my first heartbreak.
First real kiss: John, age 14... I had NO IDEA what to do when he kissed me like that!
First makeout: Ian, age 15. The less said, the better.
First big trip: My mom took us to Durban for a week and I remember lying on the beach watching the Gunston 500 surf competition from behind my first pair of sunglasses. I was 12.

First time skiing/Snowboarding: January 2006 I'm going skiing, yay!
First concert: David Essex (please remember, this was the early 80's, when the movie Silver Dream Racer was popular)
First Alcoholic Drink: Black Label Beer from my Dad's glass when I was very little. Later on? Oh, I can't remember when the rot set in...
First ticket violation: I have never violated a ticket. Oh wait, you mean...? OK then, it would have been a parking fine. Bah humbug!
First job: Working afternoons and Saturday mornings in a second-hand bookstore. Heaven!
First date: What, you mean real date? Like being taken out somewhere? I have no idea.


Last car ride: Visit to the doctor (don't worry, she says it's not contagious and chances of survival are way up around 5%)
Last kiss: My hubby, you (and he) will be pleased to hear.
Last time you cried: When my Mom & sister left Ireland to go away again after their visit {sniff!}
Last movie watched: LOTR: Return of the King. Gooooooo Hobbits!!!
Last food you ate: Pizza. Um, ja, part of my new balanced diet.
Last love: I can't remember when I loved anyone besides my Hubby.
Last temptation: The most beautiful leather bound antique-looking chest / trunk I've ever seen. Did I mention I like boxes? Hmm... I may still go back and buy it.

Last item bought: Hehe, you're gonna love this... a storage box that fits under the bed :-)
Last annoyance: The damn fire alarm that was going off all afternoon.
Last time wanting to die: Probably the last time I had to sit through a meeting.
Last alcoholic drink: Red wine with dinner last week. And I don't even like red wine. This will have to be remedied... what if I get hit by a bus tomorrow? The last drink I ever had was something I don't particularly like? This will not do! Oh wait... do cyberdrinks count? Yes? In that case, it was tequila.
Last concert: OMG you're not gonna believe this. It's almost as bad as David Essex. It was... wait for it... Duran Duran! No, wait, I lie (sorry!). It was Elton John. I think I'll have to go back & re-think the question-before-last...
Last phone call: My sister in London :-)
Last friend you added on MYSPACE: What the hell is myspace?


Current Best Friend(s): Ooh, tricky, 'eh? Y'know, I don't like to name names so I'm going to skip this one.
Current Car: Audi A3. Yes, it is my car. Hubby is just borrowing it for a few years. But it's mine, I tell you, mine!
Current love:
Yep, you guessed it, the secret's out... it's George Clooney. Hahahahaha gotcha! Ah, no, it's Hubby :-)
Current drink:
Coffee. Oh, you mean like when I go out and such? Gin & Tonic.
Current activity:
Duh! Blogging! Well, it keeps my fingers active..!
Current annoyance:
There's no music playing. Well that's easily fixed... hold on a sec. Ah, that's better. OK now it's a cigarette that someone didn't put out properly which is now stinking the whole place out... best I do something about it before it sets off the damn fire alarm again.
Current mood: Goofy. Not that you'd notice.

And now comes the time of reckoning. I know you're all quivering in your shoes (or toe-socks as the case may be), wondering, "Is she going to tag me? Is she? Is she?"
Er, no.
Unless you've been having trouble finding things to blog about lately (no names mentioned... anyone for vodka?) in which case please feel free to copy and paste - do not 'forward' ;-) - this into your own blog, changing the answers to suit yourself.


anne said...

I feel pointed at a few times. But then I'm notoriously paranoid.
George vs. Hubby, eh? Makes me think of a scantily-clad, mud-accessorized version of Freddy vs. Jason. Niiiiice. ;)

Underachiever said...

Great one. That'll be fifty squid.

wait. I don't think it's "squid". Ah I'll just put it on your tab.

Undr(dumb american)

ChittyChittyBangBang! said...

Is it just me or are these memes getting more & more complicated? This one seems like a lot of work.
Nice one, Terri. You deserve a medal for doing it.
(Ok... now where did leave the vodka?)

Terri said...

Anne - Um, yes, sure, you're just being paranoid ;-) That's a rather interesting image you paint...

Undr - No worries. Do you prefer your squid fried or grilled?

Chitty - It's just you. Hahaha! Actually I rather enjoyed this one. You should try it. After you've found your vodka, that is

DelBoy said...

He, he! My first car was a red and white 'Citi' too! And I remember your 'Silver Dream Racer' period too! You and your sisters used to make me and my brother listen to the music! Horrible kids!!

Ben O. said...

I sort of like the name Ian . . . it sounds so English.

Cool list girlie - and thanks for not tagging anyone. I know you owe me one, but I have been trying to get out from under a couple lately. When it rains tags it pours tags.

Later - Ben O.

Terri said...

Del - hahahahaha!!!

Ben - Glad u like it. And don't get too comfortable, I'm just lulling you all into a false sense of security ;-D

LiVEwiRe said...

You? Goofy??? Never! =) And you were such a tease with the 'Duran Duran' comment!