Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Joyriding in Terriland

Perhaps 'Joyriding' isn't exactly the most accurate term.
It's been a tough couple of days - I seem to be in one of my 'worrying' modes, where everything just gets a little too much and I end up with thoughts spinning out of control inside my head. I'd tell you some of the dreams I've been having but they are so confused and haphazard that I couldn't even begin to string the words together. What can I say, I am a worrier. No, not a warrior [although some might disagree :-) ], a worrier, as in sometimes I just seem to worry about everything. And nothing. But, in the immortal words of... someone... "this too shall pass".
Yeah, I know, deep thoughts.

Moving on to shallower thoughts... did I mention we are going skiing in the French Alps this weekend? Yep, I'll be gone for the whole of next week, jet-setting with the rich and famous. Well okay, don't know about that but I will be with friends which is superbly brilliant in my book. I went and bought Hubby and I each 2 pairs of ski-socks today so at least my toes will be comfortable. I suspect it might be a little chilly where we're going - you know, the whole altitude and lots of snow thing.

Tonight is for sorting out the MP3-players for the trip. Hubby got one for Christmas and this evening he sat down to read the manual and figure out how it works. He's slightly technophobic, so this is necessary. Only... there's a slight possibility the manual was originally written in another language [Martian, perhaps?] and translated into English.
Check out the opening paragraph:

"To make you can operate the player expertly as early as possible, we prepare a detailed user manual acessory with the machine, in which you can get the related information such as introduction for production, operating measure and saftey notice. We edit the manual carefully and we think that the information provided in the manual is right and reliable, while the error and missing is incident, please excuse us and point out mistakes so that we can correct it."

[Where do I even begin...?!]

I won't bore you with the operating instructions but I just had to share one of the Warnings with you:
"2. Not fall the player down during using"

Then of course there is the section on "Basal function" [???!]
"Enter every kinds of menu by pressing the key of Mode."

Maybe that's what my problem is - I need to press my 'key of Mode'. {Plink} Happy Mode. Ooh, there ya go that's much better!

But never mind all of that, I've been playing with my new camera and it has a close-up mode. This is (part of) the Christmas Flower plant I bought myself in December. Seems like a good thing to end this post on.


anne said...

Hey, doll. Stop worrying. That'll be my invaluable piece of advice for the day. And it is invaluable.
Also, what can I say. Translation was never an easy job, I was tired, it happens. ;)

beadinggalinMS said...

AAWWW Terri you love me you posted a pic w/your new camera!! I gotta go digital that picture is so sharp and clear.

I go through worrying stages. I worry worry over everything and nothing. It does pass but I know the person going through it gets tired of hearing that. Hugggiezzz Hugggiezz my dear friend.

You have an awesome time on your ski trip. I have never been skiing did I spell that right?? heehee

I will miss you but you deserve this awesome vacation. If you bump into any stars have them sign your arm I love you Linda and their name, take a pic of it and when you get back post it on your blog. Is that asking to much?? haahaa

All manuals are wrote by martians!

beadinggalinMS said...

ooops I forget-Not fall the player down during using. I assume they mean don't drop it while you are playing it. I bounced mine off the ceramic tiled floor and it never skipped just kept on playing. but I hope I don't do it again incase it does break :)
Ok I am outta here now.

Jeff said...

I was laughing out loud while reading the opening paragraph from the MP 3 manual.
Also, "not fall the player down during using." LOL Thanks for the laugh!!!

Picture of the Christmas Flower is very nice. :)

Lori said...

Have lots of fun on your ski trip! Your Poinsettia flower is very beautiful!

Terri said...

Anne: Thanks for the advice :) Now put down the wine and concentrate on the job at hand for heavens sake... my poor husband is frantic because he can't work his equipment... his MP3 player that is... and now I find out it's your fault..?! So apart from French, English and Martian, what other languages do you speak, you clever girl? ;)

Beadinggal: Thanks darlin' and I'll miss you too. And I will take the pics of the autographs on my arm and post them for you, no problem :)

Jeff: Yes I just had to share the chuckles with you guys. I just wish it wasn't such a mission to post the entire manual here - it is truly a work of art (or something...)

Lori: I will have fun and I will tell you all about it. Glad u like the Poinsettia they are one of my favourite plants.

kyknoord said...

"Not fall the player down during using". Good advice indeed. I'm going to suggest they include that in the SA cricket team's new training manual.

banquo said...

please can i go for another ride - i need to escape a while longer...

Terri said...

Kyknoord: I think they should make you the coach :)

Banquo: Wish I had time but I'm afraid tonight I gotta pack and sort out all sorts of loose ends because we leave early tomorrow. Should have some good stories when I get back though.

ChittyChittyBangBang! said...

Enjoy the ski trip. It will be lots of fun. I can vouch for that.
And do stop worrying, it really does not get you anywhere, but it will earn you a lot of grey hair.