Sunday, January 08, 2006

Swans 'n Soup on Sunday

We went out and bought a new digital camera today - a really nice Fuji FinePix. I will be selling my beloved Pentax SLR 35mm and the big zoom lens that goes with it {sniff} so the new purchase doesn't send us to the poorhouse in a month when it gets slapped on the credit card bill. I think it was a good decision, even though I will miss the lovely 'click' my old camera makes.

You see, I was sitting up in bed this morning thinking I would really like to go somewhere quiet & peaceful today, and I thought of a place nearby where the swans live, and then I thought what a good idea it would be to take my camera along, and then I thought that I really don't need photo's of swans in my photo album, so I should take the small digital camera with, but the trouble with that is it doesn't have a decent zoom on it... you can see where this is going. So I am finally ready to relinquish my pride and joy, the camera that has given me so much pleasure over the last couple of years.

And I think it will be worth it - it's nice to see the picture immediately so I can make adjustments accordingly and just delete the crappy ones without wasting money and paper on prints I don't need.
Yes, I'm doing it to save the environment ;-)

All I have to do now is figure out how the damn thing works, so I'll be spending the rest of the week reading the manual, because I want to be ready to take some awesome pictures when we go skiing in the Alps next week.

Meanwhile, even on point-and-shoot it does OK, don't you think?

But for now I'm off to make a second attempt at making soup for supper this weekend. I tried last night and was actually off to a good start, but then the recipe says, "Cook slowly for 30 minutes" and apparently I was cooking it too quickly because I went in to check on it after 20 minutes and all the water had boiled away and I was faced with an inch of charred mush at the bottom of the pot.
Hopefully tonight's attempt will be more successful 'cos we've no more pizza in the the freezer.


anne said...

Does good...! And the manual makes for some fun reading, I'm sure.
How was the soup?

Jeff said...

As I've said before elsewhere, for a guy whose photographic skills consist of picking up a disposable camera at Wal-Mart when the need arises, I think these photos are fantastic! :)

Did you eat the soup with a fork?

BUDDESS said...

Now how wicked a step-mother can you be if you serve pizza for supper? Kids just love that. I hope the soup worked out ok. "cook slowly" normally means to turn the heat down low. wink-wink. Good luck with the new camera. I am also looking at buying one shortly.

Terri said...

Anne: The soup was OK second time round. As for reading the manual - I haven't actually opened it yet... as an IT person I hate reading manuals. The drive to figure it out on my own is really strong, so... oh well, I still have 4 days, right?

Jeff: See, now, the fork thing just completely negated the compliment. Ha. Ha. Very. Funny.

Buddess: Yes, I've figured out the heat thing now. Thanks. Funny thing is I've made this soup about 4 times before and those times it worked out fine. Oh well, put it down to a short attention span ;-)

beadinggalinMS said...

Luv the swans!! Congrats on the soup! LOL Soup is good when it's burnt and you can eat with a fork. I know I have done it once or twice. I don't know what is worse burning it then serving it or the family eating it not saying a word just sits there with a smile on their face.
A new camera huh I expect lots and lots of pics while you are trying to figure it out. :) boy I am being demanding!! LOL

Terri said...

Beadinggal: demand away :-) More pics to follow shortly.
We're having leftover soup for supper - without the fork!