Monday, January 09, 2006

Say what???

Has anyone else noticed how, despite all the clever things Microsoft have done, they have one major shortcoming, i.e... They Can't Count?
I sat down at my laptop which was running on battery and it told me I have 48 minutes of power remaining. 10 Minutes later it was dead.
Next time you're copying a large number of files or something, check it out... it will tell you "30 seconds remaining" but let me tell you, 30 seconds in Microsoft time is NOT the same as 30 seconds mortal time.
Oh, just in case you're wondering - I don't have a point, I'm just making an observation.

OK enough with boring computer-speak. What else can I tell you today?

Well it was the first day of school today. D-uh! Not for me - for my stepdaughter! The good news is she came home happy and shiny (or perhaps 'glowy' is a better word 'cos she was all pink in the face from walking home in the f-f-freezing c-c-cold we had here today) from her first day at her new school in a new country (for her), having made some friends and survived the classes, and explained to all the confused Irish kids that she's from South Africa, not Australia (it's a common mistake here for some reason. You know - we're all from the Southern Hemisphere, eh?!).
So we're all shiny happy people this evening.

Well, ok, some of us are just shiny.

Am I turning into one of those grown-ups who has nothing else to talk about except their kids? 'Cos if so, we have a problem. I swore when I was younger I would never do that. And technically I don't have kids!

Oh, wait, I talk about computers too. Exciting stuff.

Perhaps I should talk about writing instead. Or maybe I should write about talking. Confused yet? I am.
For those of you that haven't guessed yet, I'm on a little trip in Terriland at the moment - that vast, confusing, busy place that is the inside of the darkest corners of my head. The place that makes me dream things like, "I have to fit these gel inserts together correctly for the chair before the Injin's come! I can see the dust rising over the hills already!"
No, I didn't make that up.
And I wonder why I'm tired when I wake up in the morning...

OK so to try and get back to making sense, I will take up Linda's challenge and do the
5 More Weird Things About Me

1. There's a free newspaper handed out at the train stations in the morning. Because I start work real early, initially the first person I would see handing them out was a guy at the station I arrive at in town for work, but now they've started handing it out at the station I leave from to get to work. I still only pick it up on the other side of the journey though 'cos the one day I didn't was the day before Christmas holidays and when the guy I normally get it from saw I already had one he looked quite devastated, like he'd been looking forward to giving me my Christmas edition newspaper but I'd gone and spoiled it for him. So now I wait and always give him a smile and a thank you when I get the paper from him.

2. I have a handful of links to blogs in my "Favourites" that I never visit, but I don't delete them. I'm not sure why.

3. I keep all my receipts and check them off against my bank statements before I file them away, even if it is 4 months later. It's a hangup from when I worked as a bookkeeper many years ago.

4. I hate the colour pink. I may have told you this already. My blog was pink because I liked the layout & the picture at the top but eventually I couldn't stand looking at all that pink anymore, so now it looks, well, like this.

5. I have often been told that I am weird but when I have to make a list of why, nothing comes to mind :-) I've been sitting here staring at the screen for like 20 minutes now and this is the best I can do.

I'm going back to Terriland now. G'nite!


jason evans said...

I'd probably do #1 also.

beadinggalinMS said...

I did the same thing with coming up with my weird things. I even asked the kids to help me out and they just laughed. :)

I would do #1 too.

Jeff said...

Me too on #1 :)

LiVEwiRe said...

I like visits to Terriland; as a matter of fact I'm buckling on the harness for the ride as we speak! =)

BUDDESS said...

I am going to change my blog right this minute. Can't have you staring at that pink thing any longer than you have to!!! I thought it would be a good idea to change it seeing that it is a new year and all that. You just made my mind up for me.

Terri said...

Jason, Beadinggal and Jeff:
I imagine you all would :-)

LiVEwIRe: You just like knowing you're not the only nutcase in the world, dontcha ;-) Well hang on, baby, here we go....!

Buddess: You are indeed a good friend, thank you :-D

anne said...

Ditto on #1 (no, it's not peer pressure) and #5.
Terriland seems like a good place... or are you holding back???

ChittyChittyBangBang! said...

I actaully visit a number of blogs that are not on my blogroll... many which are firm favourites.
As for time in the "Microsft universe"... I have a friend who says that if he could make love in Microsoft time, his wife would be the happiest woman on the planet.

banquo said...

5 weird things about me:

1.I LOVE cats but dont have one.

2. I haven't bought any new cd's for about 3 years now.

3. I can collect stationary like a squirrel collects nuts - only I have no use for it all - I just want it.

4. I dont have one Best Friend - never have had, I just have a whole lot of friends.

5. I kept the pregnancy test that I did when I found out I was pregnant for about 4 years, dunno why, just couldn't throw it away. I have now - but I didn't want to.

I guess no. 5 is the wierdest hey?

Terri said...

Anne: Holding back..? Hm. Hmmmm. Did I mention my middle name is "Repressed"?

Chitty: lol! I guess that sums it up really nicely :-D

Banquo: Long time no see. I think your #5 is more sentimental than weird... it's kind of sweet... although, don't you have to pee on a stick for a pregnancy test..? OK maybe just a little weird ;-)

Fence said...

The reason we get confused between the SA and the Australian accents is because they shared the clipped vowel sounds on occasion.
Or maybe I'm just lying, or even more confused.
Generally I can tell the difference, though we don't really hear many SA accents in ireland, whereas children would be familar with the Aussie one from Home and Away and Neighbours. Not to mention the imported kids shows RTE get from Australia. Used to be The Elephant Show when my little sister was young, but I think they have a new one now.

Terri said...

Fence: So I've heard ;-)

Mark Pettus said...

Hi Terri, hope you're enjoying the Alps. You sound like a hell of a nice person - the free paper guy story says a lot about you, I think.

By the way, the biggest problem I have with microsoft time is that it's so inconsistent. 30 seconds might take 4 minutes today, and 30 hours might take 4 seconds tomorrow. 3 minute eggs occasionally turn into chickens.

Terri said...

Mark: Hi there! And thank you - come back anytime :) your comment about eggs turning into chickens gave me a good chuckle lol!