Monday, February 06, 2006

Back to School

Has anyone clicked the Learn more button next to the messages we've been getting on Blogger? I did. I'm pedantic that way. And I'd just like to say my annoyance at downtime has been tempered somewhat. Being something of a techie myself I know what it is to work all weekend trying to fix dodgy hardware. So spare a thought for the guys - methinks they really are making an effort.
And no, they didn't pay me to write this ;-)

Speaking of Learning, I have a brief break from normal work this week in the form of a training course. Y'know that meme that's going around - the Weird Stuff About Me one? Well I've often been called weird (mostly by Hubby, who appears to love me anyway, thank goodness) yet I battle to think of specific characteristics about me that might be called weird. I think I may have found one though:

I like learning.

Seriously, I do! I'm really tired after a full day of listening to lectures, but I really enjoy it. It's like my brain wakes up and says things like, "Oh, Hello World!", and "Feed Me, Seymour!".
Even when I was in school all those many, many years ago (please quit laughing and continue reading); when everyone else was moaning about writing exams, I think I secretly enjoyed it because after all the studying the information was right there, in my head, and it was great being able to answer questions off the cuff without having to Google stuff. Not that we had Google back then, oh no. Back then we still used something called Libraries and did our research from books.
Yes children, it's true; there was knowledge before Google.
Although I have to agree it's become much, much easier since Google was born. And more colourful too.

I'm fairly sure I am in danger of being classified as a Nerd here - all this reference to computer-stuff and learning and books. Well, that's tough. I is what I are.

And on a completely different subject - Season 5 of 24 is starting this week. They've been teasing us all week with the adverts on TV. We thought it was starting last night. We failed to read the fine print - it was only the Prelude. Five lousy minutes is all we got! Talk about an anti-climax. Now we have to wait until next Sunday to see a whole episode.
Aw, Jaack!

We'll just have to make use of a double-bill of the new season of Lost tonight instead :-)
Yay, Jack!


anne said...

I've clicked those buttons, 'cause I'm pedantic too, and you're right. But will people stop trying to guilt-trip me with my helpdesk annoyance...?! Sheesh.
I'll forgive you, though, because those two pictures have a lenifying effect.

beadinggalinMS said...

I clicked them this morning. My curiousty got me. :)
AAWW it is a Jack day!!! :)

DelBoy said...

I'm also looking forward to Season 5 of 24! Starts next week - can't wait!! (We only get the 5 minute preview tomorrow night!)

Lori said...

I love going to the library.

jason evans said...

I don't know if I just missed it, but I looked through the blogger main pages for news this weekend on what was happening. Clearly it was pretty catastrophic. I do appreciate the explanation afterwards, but I wish I found some info during the actual experience.

Terri said...

Anne I know what u mean. Nothin' like a rugged hunk to melt a girl's anger away.

Beadinggal U-huh :-)

Lori Me too... although to be honest I haven't been in one in ages.

Jason I was pretty clueless too due to not actually blogging over the weekend. Glad I missed the aggravation though!

Jeff said...

Remember the old index card file at the library? Good grief, now I'm showing my age! :)

Google said...

We told you that we will pay you at the end of the month, so please stop harassing our accounts deparment!

beadinggalinMS said...

ooh I remember them Jeff! :)

Hi Terri!!! How is my gal today???
ok maybe I stopped by to look in to Jack's eyes heeheee :)

Terri said...

Jeff you're in good company:-)

Google well ok then but I was going to use the money to buy my friend Kyknoord a zebra-skin rug before someone else snapped it up... I guess he'll just have to do without now ;-)

Beadinggal I don't mind if u wanna look at Jack if it means u say Hi to me while ur here :-)

BUDDESS said...

2 of my favourite shows and 2 of the most dribble worthy guys out there!!!! Thanx Terri. I needed this pick me up. Much appreciated. You have succeeded to please yet again!! Keep those sexy pics coming.