Friday, February 10, 2006

Dog Day Friday

I think all the training this week short-circuited my brain because everywhere I looked today all I saw was (were?) dogs.

When I went out on the roof to have a smoke between lectures, I was watched by an overweight Labrador from a garden next to the building. He sat for a while as if trying to decide if I was worth his attention, and then gave a half-hearted bark. I barked back, he cocked his head and then decided to ignore me. I felt quite sorry for the poor guy, locked away in a small garden surrounded by high walls all alone all day while his family is off doing whatever they do. Life's a bitch, eh?

Later, while I was waiting for the bus, I noticed a little white fluffy poodle-type thing ogling me from behind the curtains in a house across the road. Another poor canine waiting for it's loved ones to return. How boring must that be?!

And then an old man came along, walking his dog on a leash. The mutt was trotting along on top of a low brick wall next to his master's hip. This one looked happy. He was out in the world with his best friend, sniffing all sorts of interesting stuff along the way. Apparently I don't smell very interesting 'cos he went by me with no more than a passing glance. He was a really cool looking dog, though - kind of fluffy and wiry, with a really sweet face. He reminded me of the dog we had before we left SA.

Rintin in the car - not wanting to be left behind!His name was Rintin (I had nothing to do with his naming, I swear!!!) and he was the most loveable dog in the world. A wire haired terrier cross jack russell that resembled Barbra Streisand. (Something about the eyes / nose... trust me on this one.)

Well anyway, my course is now over and I'm back home and feeling dog tired :-)

Looking forward to tomorrow, though - I'm off to London to visit my li'l sister.



anne said...

I can see the ressemblance...

beadinggalinMS said...

AAWWW he is soo cute. He does resemble Barbra Streisand.

London!! WOW!! Have fun with your lil sister. :)

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dogs world LOL :)

jason evans said...

I had two wire-haired fox terriers growing up. They were a couple of challenging dogs!

Reluctant Nomad said...

The tough part about living this nomadic life is mine is not seeing my dogs in Cape Town. At least they pretend to be happy when they see me once or twice a year. :-)

Enjoy London.

Jeff said...

Are you going to buy a dog while in London?

Have fun! :)

Lori said...

Have fun in London!

DelBoy said...

London?!!? You'd better pop in for a visit or there will be trouble...!!

LiVEwiRe said...

I can see you going about your day noticing all these canines. And barking at Rumor has it that dogs like 'smelly' things, so consider it a compliment that the last one passed you by! =) Have a great time in London. Oh, and Nomad - I pee on the carpet every time I see you... does that count? ;)

Spookie the Warrior said...

I also had a really cute doggy, her name was bandit. Hop you had a lekka time in London - I love visiting my sisters too.

ChittyChittyBangBang! said...

Would it be safe to say, the day was a bit of a "bitch"? :)
I have two dogs of my own. They dig up my garden on a regular basis and even resorted once to eating my roses (all of it... thorns and all).
Still, they are my pride and joy.

kyknoord said...

I'd be interested to know how well he sings.

Spookie the Warrior said...

AWESOME - You linked me!! HA HA!!
ek smaak jou stukkend!!!

Terri said...

Anne - I though you might ;-)

Beadinggal - Very cute... and very naughty too, but so loveable ya just couldn't be cross with him for long.

Jason - I can only imagine!

Nomad - It's heartbreaking... but they actually do have a really good memory for people.

Jeff - Er, no. Trouble with pets is they kind of restrict one's ability to travel a bit.

Lori - Thanks Babe, I did!

Del - Sorry Cuz Pleez Forgive Me! I was there for such a short time we didn't go anywhere (except shopping for buttons) but I promise I'll come visit next time!!!!

LiVEwiRe - You might wanna see a doctor about that, lol! The dog day didn't end there though... I then went on to read Buddess's post and it was just too much, hehe!

Just Me - See, now that is a cool name for a dog!

Chitty - hehe, I left that one just for you ;-)
Oh, and the rose thing? Rintin's favourite pastime. He'd sit there the picture of innocence (Who me?) still with dirt and rose petals all over his fluffy face.

Kyknoord - Don't know so much about that but he used to yawn on demand 'cos he knew he was so cute and irresistable.

Just Me - Told you I would luvvie! ;-)