Wednesday, May 03, 2006

How would Lisa Simpson feel?

In my school days some people might have referred to me a something of a nerd. Not a geek, really, but I had braces on my teeth, frizzy hair, acne and really skinny legs.
Not that these are good reasons to be seen as a nerd, but add to all this that I always did my homework, never skipped classes and kept my grades up... you get the picture.
I was a 'B' student, although if I'd tried harder and put more effort in, I'm sure I could have been an 'A' student without too much trouble. I was just too lazy to bother. I did what I needed to do to get the grades I was comfortable with and that was all.

In junior school I was always ranked in the top 4 in my grade.
In high school I dropped down the ladder - mostly, I confess, because I didn't really care where I ranked, although I did get my Academic Colours before I graduated, something that made me very proud.

What I'm trying to say is that I am what you might call brainy. I have always been able to depend on my brainpower - even before I was aware of it. I can't think of a single situation where I haven't been one of the cleverest people around, or the best at my job. There may be a touch of over-achiever's syndrome here, but I don't see it as being full-of-myself. It's just fact. It's not bragging, it just is.

Or rather, it was...

You see, my boss - the guy who is 'mentoring' me in my fledgeling career as a DBA - is quite possibly the cleverest person I have ever met. I admire him for this and it's great to be able to ask him pretty much any question and know that he will be able to answer it and explain it.
The only trouble is, he makes me feel stupid.
Don't get me wrong - he doesn't treat me badly or talk down to me. Quite the opposite, in fact. He is extremely helpful and often encourages me and 'pats me on the back' for a job well done, so to speak.
And I know I am not stupid. I know I am still learning - I've been doing this job for maybe 8 months, whereas he's been doing it for 5 years, blah, blah, blah... still,
I Don't Like Not Being The Cleverest!

It's just a fact of life - he is much, much cleverer than I am and it p*sses me off like you would not believe! The worst part is, he's actually a nice person, and we get along really well so I can't even resent him for it.

Poor me.

Oh I say, I feel much better about the whole thing now that I've blabbed it to the world at large on the Internet. This blogging thing really is like therapy, isn't it?!
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anne said...

Just stop using your brain once in a while, and progressively increase the length of those blissful moments.
You should feel completely comfortable after a couple of months.

And seriously. You're saying that you have the best boss ever, and you expect us to be of help? Yeah. Right.

More seriously, look at it this way: you're still the cleverest person around, he simply has experience on his side.
For now.

Lori said...

Blogging is free therapy.

Martyn said...

There is definitely a therapeutic aspect to blogging. It helps me no end. When I try to give it up I feel a bit empty.

Spookie the Warrior said...

I can't say I was ever very "brainy" at school, I had epilepsy as a baby and I think the medication I was on for so long had a huge impact on my brainpower - I always felt like my head was stuffed with cottonwool.

And I do agree that blogging is very therapeutic - I fell much better after getting a whole bunch of stuff out in the open - specialy after my interveiw.

Be patient - you will learn and then you will be top of the class again - I know it!!!


kyknoord said...

I'm with Anne on this one. Send your mind out for take-aways, kick back and enjoy the inner silence - unless there are voices, in which case, I have no helpful advice.

Reluctant Nomad said...

Are you sure he is so clever? Or is he just very clever when it comes to DBA things and mildly intelligent when it comes to everything else?

Some people are brilliant at their work (and I envy them for it) but not that bright when it comes to much else.

But, whether he is a genius or not, just be happy he's a nice guy and that you are learning quickly.

Terri said...

Anne - Not use my brain? Hm, interesting suggestion. I will have to give that a try. Live up to my hair colour & all...

Lori - That it is! Best invention since sliced bread :)

Martyn - Welcome! And yes. I wonder if there are support groups for Blogging addicts?

Spookie - That's my girl, keep the faith!

Kyknoord - I'd be terribly lonely without the voices...

Nomad - I had that same conversation with some other people at work the other day. We didn't reach a conclusion though so the jury's still out on that question.

jason evans said...

Turn it into motivation, Terri. A good challenge is what every under-achiever needs! See where those in-born abilities can take you.

Terri said...

Jason - To Infinity And Beyond...!!!

-Ann said...

Lori beat me to it. Blogging is totally free therapy.

Jeff said...

Blogging can be great therapy.
btw- I think you are clever, Terri. :)

whatalotoffun said...

My mom always taught me that somewhere in life someone will always be better than you in sport, academic etc. It hard when that happens and I hate it to I always try to do my best in everything I do and if somebody comes and give me a punch in my ribs I want to punch them back

Bosbefok said...

Ha !! So maybe he is cleverer than you but can he SNORE AS LOUD ?? :-)
Mluv you are still the cleverest person I know :-)

Terri said...

-ann - U gotta be quick to beat Lori here ;-)

jeff - Aw thanks, Dude!

whatalotoffun - That's the spirit: kick 'em in the ribs! I like the way you think.

bosbefok - er, um, probably not. Sorry 'bout that.

Lori said...

Hi Terri, I hope you have a great weekend, we are leaving in the morning to meet Linda in Pensacola for the wedding, I cant wait to spend the weekend with her.

angel said...

hey terri- i've got a smart boss too... as fabulous as he is.
us geniuses have to stick together doll!

LiVEwiRe said...

Right you are, blogging is some of the cheapest therapy available! I can identify with what you are saying (all the way from school) and carrying that into the workplace. The best part of your situation is that this guy is nice and very willing to help. The day may come where he's gone, and it'll once again be back to you being at the top of the food chain. Perhaps he sees potential in you and would feel comfortable turning the reins over to you some day. With your intelligence and his guidance, you'll be Queen there! =)

Terri said...

Lori - Can't wait to hear all about it :)

Angel - {{sigh}} I know, it's hard being so perfect, eh?! ;)

Livewire - Me? Queen? ehehe, well, now that u mention it, it does sort of make sense... mwahahahaha!
I like the way u think, LW. You can stay ;)