Tuesday, May 16, 2006

LoriNFlorida : Exposed!

The trouble with Lori is that I can't read her blog at work because I never know when the page is going to open with a picture of a half-naked man - or woman, for that matter - staring at me, leading the people who work with me to believe I browse porn in my spare time. 'Cos she does appreciate good-looking guys & gals.

However, do not be misled!! LoriNFlorida is not a porn site! She's just a little unpredictable, that's all :-)
Chances are just as good that her picture of the day will be a bunny rabbit or a pretty flower, or even an uncooked turkey.

The thing is, you just never know what she's going to say or do next, and I believe that is her 'hook' - the thing that keeps her regular readers coming back again and again.

Lori lives in Florida, which is where she will tell you she belongs. You see, her name is in it, and that's how her blog got its name: Lori in Florida. Clever, yes?!

The TwinsIncidentally, she has a twin sister: yep, Lori is BeadinggalInMS's evil twin. Although they share a sense of humour and mischievous nature, you may find if you read both blogs regularly that you'll sometimes wonder if the 2 of them are even related. It's like they are the same, only different.
I guess that what twins are about.

Lori asked me last week if it was too late to be interviewed. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, feel free to check out my own interview. Now technically, it probably is too late, but since Lori asked me so nicely, I figured I'd do some delving into her blog archives and see what questions I could come up with.

Perhaps I should state here, though, that this line here:

is the official deadline :) My short career as an interviewer will officially end at the bottom of this post.

So let's see if I can go out with a bang...

Question 1:
Lori, you often refer to yourself as the "Evil Twin" and I must admit, I would guess that you would be the naughtier out of you and Linda. Is this really true, and if so, have you always been 'the naughty one'?

Question 2:
Same subject, different question: How much has this "Evil Twin" label influenced your behaviour as you grew up and even now, as an adult? Is it a reputation you want to live up to?

Question 3:
I've been browsing through your archives trying to find something to jog my memory to ask you a really good question but I've noticed something; Although you've put up a lot of posts you've managed to keep your blog from being really personal. We know you love chocolate and kisses, we know what gets you ranting... but we don't know what makes you tick. So Lori, my third question is this: What makes you tick? What makes you want to get out of bed in the morning?

Question 4:
What did you want to be when you grew up and how different is your life now to what you imagined it would be? Would you change much?

Question 5:
Your luv almost picked the winning Lotto numbers last year. What would you do if you guys actually won $6 million?

Lori thanks for playing, I'm looking forward to reading your answers, the way I look forward to reading all your posts. The way you tell the stories about your mad dogs Scooby Doo and Chico Loco and your son ("The Copyright Police") is incredibly funny and entertaining, you have me laughing out loud and reading some of your stuff out loud to Hubby sometimes because he wants to know what's got me laughing so much. Keep up the good work - you are a spot of sunshine in Blogland!


Lori said...

Oh no I have been exposed LOL.
Thank you Terri I will get to working on my answers right away. ;)

beadinggalinMS said...

YES YES she is evil pure evil! LOL
She is always getting me to do stuff. Like for example: wax strip under my arm, explaining *tea bagging* on my blog, sending me pictures of rats, also she holds stuff over my head. Told me that she would black mail me about not knowing what moshing was. So I confessed about it on my blog.
But that is why I luv her soo much.
She is my twin, my other half, my evil side. :) Looking forward to her answers.

Spookie the Warrior said...

Cool questions Terri. Looks like you are famous for your interveiws hey.
I look forward to reading her answers.

Jeff said...

Beady and Lori are both okay in my book! :)

Lori said...

I have my answers up Terri. :)

Terri said...

Lori - Great answers... and I like the new profile pic :-)

Beads - teehee, half the fun of this is watching the way you two interact with each other!

Spookie - Dunno 'bout famous, haha!

Jeff - me too!

Lori said...

Good evening Terri ;)

Spookie the Warrior said...

Is it just me or have you been really quiet lately...?

Terri said...

Hi Lori :)

Spookie, I have been a bit quiet - been fighting off a nasty cold this week so haven't spent too much time blogging. I have the concentration span of a gnat at the moment. I'll come by soon though.