Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Pink ice, anyone?

So often during the day something grabs my attention and I think, "Ooh, there's a great blog post in there!" and then 2 minutes later poof! it's gone.
I know that's not an original complaint but today it's mine.

I don't have a lot to complain about. In all honesty, I have a great life. I have a husband who loves me despite myself, a stepdaughter whom I adore living with us, a nice new house, a good job and I get to travel a couple of times a year. As I said, not too much to complain about at all. But I'm human, and human nature is such that even when we get what we want, it never keeps us happy for very long and then we move onto wanting something else. I reckon it's a built-in failsafe mechanism to ensure the entire human race doesn't suddenly get complacent and lose the will to continue. Whatever the reason, despite all that I have, I do have a complaint. You've heard it before - quite a lot in the recent past actually...

I Don't Have Time To Write.

And it's frustrating the hell out of me. We went on this 2-week tour of Europe over a month ago and I've written exactly 1 page so far. People, I suspect there's a whole book in that tale but if I don't get it out in black and white soon it's going to be lost forever!

I can almost hear you whispering amongst yourselves now, "So why is she wasting time writing a blog post then?" Well the answer is, I'm doing this at work. 'Cos blog posts don't require uninterrupted concentration like writing stories does. So I'm typing this up in an email using a really tiny font so the people around me can't sneak a peek at what I'm doing, hehehe. Because I don't want to NOT blog, because for me it's a social thing.
Somehow I need to reorganize my priorities so that writing is not the last thing on the list. I know that. Doing something about it is another story, of course - I don't change easily.

Yes, I know what I need to do to make the change to lessen the frustration by giving myself time to write.
Yes, I know there's nobody to blame but myself.
But you know what? I just feel like bitching about it today.
I want to shout and stamp my feet and hammer my fists on a wall in tantrum because I want to do something and I feel like I cant!!!
And don't be giving me that "There's No Such Thing As Can't" speech either 'cos that just ain't gonna fly with me today, ok?! I'm annoyed. Let me be annoyed. It's not healthy to ignore feelings of annoyance, lest they build up inside and eventually explode like a bottle of pink champagne that's been in the boot of the car in 35 degree heat all day and then put into a freezer to cool down.

Trust me, I've had experience with both.
The pink ice is not worth it.


kyknoord said...

And don't eat the yellow snow, either.

jason evans said...

I don't subscribe to the just-sit-the-heck-down-and-write mantra. Yes, if you're on the fence and have material to work with, you should make yourself write. However, if the tank is temporarily empty, I think it's best just to step back and experience things for a while. The inspiration will come when your mind is less clouded by what you "should" be doing.

beadinggalinMS said...

Today is offically Terri's Tantrum Tuesday. You are allowed to beat your fists on the desk, wall or whatever and yell at the top of your lungs. It is your day grab it by the horns and give it hell!!
When you are done we can go get some coffee and you can have a smoke for me(bad cravings today for one) and some chocolate cake.

angel said...

oooh- tantrum tuesday and chocolate cake! i LIKE it!
i SO understand where you're coming from doll...

anne said...

Just go on and do your sulking. Or your tantruming. Or whatever makes you happy, 'cause we're not judging.
But just so you know, pink ice could make a very pretty, very feminine weapon, and I could use a weapon right about now.

Terri said...

Kyknoord - You just couldn't tell me that before my ski trip, could you!?!

Jason - I like that advice, thank you, I think I'll take it. You're right - it's really hard to feel inspired when you feel under pressure for time. I should listen to myself and stop to smell the roses.

Beads - I can always count on you for good ideas; sounds like just what I need!

Angel - Well then you can come too, but I'm NOT sharing my cake ;)

Anne - You need a weapon? I'll see what I can do. I can be very imaginative with stuff like that...

ChittyChittyBangBang! said...

The thing to do with that bottle of pink bubbly once you've cooled it down, is drink it. Preferably not alone.

Bosbefok said...

This couldnt have anything to do with the traffic being snarled up this morning because of the Ryder Cup can it ....?

Terri said...

Chitty - Well that was the idea right up till the time it went kerboom in the freezer.

Bosbefok - No dear, I wrote this post 2 days ago but the traffic didn't do anything to improve my sense of humour this morning!

Reluctant Nomad said...

Talking of yellow ice - you have heard, I assume, that the French and Swiss glaciers and mountains like Mont Blanc have turned yellow? Not joking! And, of course you know why.

Offer your mojo the champagne and he/she'll be back.

Terri said...

Nomad - 'Mont Yellow' just doesn't have the same ring to it. 'Mont Pink' - maybe. Anyone care to join me in the Alps for a champagne party..?