Sunday, December 10, 2006

3 days happy

Do I get a medal or something?

How quickly a mood can change. Since my last post mine has improved dramatically. I guess it started when I heard some very, very happy news from a close friend of mine - the sort of news that made my cry happy tears (yes I know I cry at the drop of a hat these days but it really was that sort of news!).
And all of a sudden the world was a better place.

My boss let me go home half an hour early on Friday, just because it was quiet and it was Friday and... well, just because.

I went to the hairdresser yesterday morning and I am really happy with the result (my bad- to good-hair-days since the last haircut have been in the region of 30:1).

And yesterday evening my stepson arrived from SA and will be here for a month.

Those were the highlights but I'm convinced it was that astoundingly happy news from my friend that triggered off my happy feelings. And it feels really good to feel good.
I've had energy galore - got tons of stuff done yesterday including all the housework, and went shopping today in that same mall that I was bitching about last week, and I actually wanted to stay longer to do more shopping today - but poor Hubby had hayfever and the boy-child (although at 17 that nickname doesn't really fit so well anymore, especially since he now towers over me) looked like he'd had enough of trudging through shops for one day so I called it a day when we had almost everything I'd set out for.

Oh, and one more thing. After tossing the idea about for months I have finally made the decision to get myself a small motorcycle - for practical purposes, not just for fun, in case you were wondering. Making decisions is not necessarily my strong point and now that I've made one - one that I'm happy with - I feel like I have accomplished something.

I think we'll put up our Christmas tree tonight. Hubby decided he's tired of finding pine-needles in the house up till July so we've gone for an artificial one that has fibre-optic lights on it. Photos will follow shortly, no doubt.

So it looks like my Christmas Spirit didn't flee the country after all.
Yep, I'm three days happy, and counting.


anne said...

Good for you!
Of course, we are selfishly sad to have to let a fellow grouch go, but I guess the girl's gotta do what the girl's gotta do...

LiVEwiRe said...

It made me realize (by reading your post) how few people ever say they are actually happy any more. Sounds like you're a bit suprised with that, too. In a good way, of course. So 'happy' isn't just a myth? ;)

kyknoord said...

"...for practical purposes..." Yeah, sure ;-) Vroom, vroom, vroom!

Reluctant Nomad said...

A regte motorbike or a Vespa moped thingy?

It's the sort of toy, albeit an allegedly practical one, that will make you very happy when it arrives.

Terri said...

Anne - Do I get to come back and visit Grouchland sometimes though?

LiVEwiRe - Surprised, yes. I figured I'd let the world (i.e. you guys) know that I'm not all doom and gloom for a change.

Kyknoord - hehe, I guess you saw through my ruse eh?

Nomad - Vespa schmespa! Nope, it's a 125cc bike bike. Starting small - this will be my 'learner' bike. I may upgrade later, depending just how much fun it is..!

jason evans said...

Wonderful to hear!

And a small motorcycle? Very cool. I miss the time when I used to have one.

beadinggalinMS said...

Yeah a motorcycle!! I am excited for ya.
I can't wait to see pics of your tree with the fibre-optic lights. :)

I am happy to see ya happy!

Spookie the Warrior said...

Everythings just going your way Terri!! Thats great.

Terri said...

Jason - Longing for the bad old days, are we..?

Beads - Pictures coming right up...

Spookie - It's all in the eye of the beholder, I guess.

angel said...

man am i glad you're sounding more like yourself! and i'm very jealous about your motorbike decision- i also want one!