Friday, December 15, 2006

ups n downs

I feel like I cheated you guys by posting those pics instead of a 'proper' post. Sorry 'bout that... sort of.. teehee..

I'm all emotional today - not in a I-wanna-curl-up-and-die way but in a ooh-that-song-reminds-me-of-boo-hoo-hoo way. I spoke to my li'l sis on the phone earlier. She's flying off to SA this evening to spend Christmas there with the family and I just wish I was going too. I guess I'm homesick. I guess the fact that it's dreary and rainy in a sort of not-bothering-to-get-light-at-all-today sort of way doesn't help either, no matter how many twinkly lights and Christmas carols are about.
So here I am, not depressed, for a change, just a little, er, emotionally fragile today. Today, the day our company puts on a big Christmas Lunch in the canteen (turkey, brussells sprouts, hot pudding, the works) and throws a bash this evening, complete with free drinks (as long as y'all behave yerselves now!). Somehow I didn't feel very festive at lunch but man, am I looking forward to that first drink tonight! Big talk from someone who get's trashed on 2 glasses of wine, I know.

And then it's weekend, thank goodness. I will be learning to ride my new bike that Hubby fetched from the shop this morning - yay!!! Then there's the last of the Christmas shopping to be done. Tomorrow I'm taking young Cinderella with me to go see The Nutcracker ballet. I'm really looking forward to that - I do so love the ballet!
And then next week it's a 4-day week (for me), a day of manic last-minute shopping (no illusions here) and then our friends arrive and hey presto! It's Christmas and I'm left wondering, "Where the hell did the last year go???!"

And I'm going to stop right there because if I don't I'll start thinking about a birthday coming up soon after that where I'll be wondering where the hell the last 35 years went, but we're not going go to there now; I'll save that particular train of thought for another day.


jason evans said...

Hope the party was a blast!

anne said...

Anything naughty happen that you want to gossip about?!
That's the trouble with freelancing - you don't get the work Xmas parties... Poo.

Dawn said...

Hello Skattie - I can't thank you enough for coming back a few times more in spite of my slack attendance. It's been a few weeks of crazy. I really hope to get some kind of update posted tomorrow. Your visits have helped, and I'm not just saying that to make you feel lekker - although I hope it does - cos it made me feel lekker and I want you to feel lekker ... I hope to be back on my regular visiting schedule. Let's not even talk about how homesick we all are at the moment. Yearning for that lekker end of year feeling as everyone starts to go on leave around the 16th - ho hum - those were the good old bad old days, hey? Thank you again, my chommie. Love, D xoxo

kyknoord said...

My train of thought seldom runs on time. Hope the festivities become more festive from here :-)

Reluctant Nomad said...

Thirty-five soon, eh?? *evil grin*

Spookie the Warrior said...

You're feeling home sick and I am sick of home! Wanna trade? I am looking forward to the weekend - Happy and I are getting away for a few days.

Next year you can come home for Christmas too - hows that?

Oh and that tree looks really pretty.

Terri said...

Jason - Yep, turned out to be more fun than I expected :)

Anne - Some rather interesting photographs turned up this morning, hehe!

Dawn - It's good to hear from you, I was beginning to worry. Thanks for popping in xx

Kyknoord - Things are beginning to look promising actually.

Nomad - Don't be mean now - there'll be plenty of time for that come January :D

Spookie - Trade? In a flash! Next year won't happen either I'm afraid; not for Christmas anyway. But we are planning a trip mid-year so that's my consolation for now.

LiVEwiRe said...

Glad you had fun at the party. Sometimes the holidays are filled with so many ups and downs it's hard to tell which direction you are headed.

beadinggalinMS said...

Hello Hello I got a few minutes before I have to go and I wanted to drop by and say Hello. :)

angel said...

so how was the party- how's the new bike? where are you... are we going to see pics of your noew crotch rocket?

Spookie the Warrior said...

Merry CHRISTmas Terri. It's been wonderful blogging with you and I have enjoyed all your stories and photos too.

God bless you and yours this Christmas. Keep warm and safe and I will catch up again as soon as I possibly can. may only be next year though..

Hugs n Kisses

Terri said...

LiVEwIre - Ah but that's what makes the journey fun, right? Right?

Beads - Hi back!

Angel - Sheesh, no pressure...
tee hee, OK pics are up next.

Spookie - You have a good one too! xx