Thursday, January 18, 2007

The A - Z of me(me)

Since it's Thursday, and since Ben O. took the time to not only do this himself, but also to think of me all the way over across the Atlantic at the same time, I thought I would both answer his call and treat you all to another enthralling look into the nuts and bolts of the what makes me me.

Yes, it's The Alphabet Meme...!!

A - Available/Single or Taken?
... Very much taken - my 6th Wedding anniversary is looming. And yes, I had to stop and count that up on my fingers.
B - Best Friend?
... Would have to be my long-suffering husband, who loves me in spite of myself :)
C - Cake or pie?
... Hands down, yummy apple pie with cream..! Athough Black Forest Cake has been known to win out on occasion. And Carrot Cake. OK so maybe the answer to this on is, in fact, Cake and not pie.
D - Drink Of Choice?
... Coffee. Or a wee drop of Old Brown Sherry every now and then. Did I mention I have trouble making up my mind sometimes?
E – Essential Item You Use Everyday?
... Toothpaste.
F - Favourite Color?
... Green - pretty much any shade of jade green, specifically. Or perhaps lilac. Nope, definitely green.
G - Gummy Bears or Worms?
... I could really do with a third choice here...! OK, I'll say Gummy Bears 'cos they're almost like Jelly Babies, right?
H - Hometown?
... The seaside city of Port Elizabeth in sunny South Africa. For years I couldn't wait to leave and now I'm yearning to go back. No doubt if I went back it wouldn't be long before I wanted to leave again but hey, it's home.
I - Indulgence?
... Boots. I really do have more pairs of boots than I need, but they're soo purty!
J - January or February?
... January - it's my birthday month!
K - Kids & Their Names?
... I have none of my own and don't foresee having any, but I always liked Kayleigh for a girl. Right up until close friends of ours named their sheepdog that. So now, it just doesn't matter anymore.
L - Life is Incomplete Without?
... music. And Hubby, of course, but that goes without saying.
M - Marriage date?
... March 2001. Twice actually - a week apart. (Yes, to the same man!)
N - Number of Siblings?
... 2 sisters, one older, one younger.
O - Oranges or Apples?
... I'd have to say oranges. Apples are too hard to eat.
P - Phobias/Fears?
... I've been afraid of fire as long as I can remember. And actually I'm scared of doing just about anything, but I tend to go ahead and do them anyway.
Q - Favourite (movie) Quote?
... "Grab that cat!" (- from one of the Lethal Weapon films)
R - Reason to Smile?
... I am loved.
S - Season? Spring or Fall?
... In Ireland: Fall 'cos it's really pretty, but in SA I'd have to say Spring when the sun shines and the sea sparkles and it smells all fresh and the birds start tweeting and it gets all nice and warm. Spring in Ireland is not much different from Winter in Ireland so it pretty much sucks.
T - Tag 3 people?
... Angel, Spookie and Buddess
U - Unknown Fact About Me?
... I attended my first Salsa class last night - now that could be an enjoyable form of excercise! Although, I'm quite glad I have an appointment with the chiropracter this evening...
V - Vegetable you don’t like?
... Without a doubt, Brussells Sprouts.
W - Worst Habit?
... Smoking. Yeah, I know, I'm working on it...
X - X-rays You’ve Had?
... Teeth. Possibly a foot when I was a kid but I don't remember.
Y - Your Favorite Food?
... This is hard. I love ALL food. Especially smoked salmon. Ooh, and salami and cheese. Or prawns, I love prawns too. Or... ok, I think you get the picture.
Z – Zodiac sign?
... Capricorn.

So there ya go. I now feel safer in the belief that you will all go away feeling enlightened.


Spookie the Warrior said...

Sheesh!! I am falling behind!! I have been tagged twice and I haven't done anything - YIKES!!

I better get to it!!

This was fun btw, hope you had an awesome birthday!

buddess said...

I sort of knew I was going to read my name there!!! I'll oblige!! Watch my space.

Ben O. said...

I always feel sort of guilty when I read a blog that I just tagged and I see all the people they went on to tag.

Sorry all - Terri, great stuff. I see that you are a decisive person who makes her mind up immediately - about food, drink, candy marrying your husband, etc.


Ben O.

anne said...

Salsa...? Caliente!

jason evans said...

Great list, Terri!

Terri said...

Spookie - It's tough at the top, eh? Oh and thx, the birthday was good :)

Buddess - Ah, you know I just had to. To get you back in the swing of things and all.

Ben O - And yet you keep on doing it, LOL!

Anne - Si... and thanks to Google I even know what 'caliente' means now :D

Jason - Glad you like it. Feel free to tag yourself, too...

chitty said...

Put that cigarette out right now, young lady!
I hate Brussel sprouts too, but not nearly as much as I hate asparagus.
Nicely done. :)

Dawn said...

I've come up for air! :) I am sorry I missed your birthday. Love the new look blog and look forward to visiting regularly again. Thank you for your recent display of friendship and support, china .. a lot! xxooxx

LiVEwiRe said...

Oh yes, ever-so-decisive indeed! ;) But that's why I love ya!

Carolyn said...

So Ireland doesn't have much of a seasonal change?

But it looks so beautiful in pictures.

In CA, in the U.S., we have two seasons. They are too freaking hot and too freaking wet.

Terri said...

Chitty - Young lady? Whatever you say ;) btw I always hated asparagus too, but then I only knew the tinned stuff. The fresh kind, stir-fried, is actually quite good. Just sayin'

Dawn - It's good to see you back :)

LiVEwIRe - Aw, you're too kind. I think. haha!

Carolyn - Ireland has 1 season: wet. If we get 2 weeks of continuous sunshine everyone screams 'drought!' and runs for the hills... and then talks about "that marvellous summer we had in ..." for years afterwards. But I gotta tellya, when the sun shines, this place is hard to beat.

angel said...

o bliksem! i didn't know i was tagged! i'll do it tonight- promise!