Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I never thought I'd say this but thank heavens our proper winter weather has finally arrived - the wind is coming down from the North Pole, as it should be at this time of year; there is frost on the ground and the air bites at my face during my walk to the train station to go home at night.
Why does this please me?
Well, it means that the storms that have been hurling themselves at us from the Atlantic have finally gone away, taking with them some of the strongest winds I've ever experienced. I do so hate the wind! There were nights, over the last few weeks, when I honestly expected to wake up and find half the roof missing in the morning. We were fortunate, though, our home is still intact. More fortunate than many other people across Europe were.

It didn't help, I suppose, that it was so strong that it kept me from riding my new bike. Learning to ride a motorcycle is challenging enough without the added worry of trying NOT to get literally blown off the thing.
Yep, I'll take the cold any day over that wind!
* Bike Update *
I've been put-putting to and from the train station on my bike happily this week and I'm pleased to say it's getting easier every time, as I become a little less scared every time. It helps that I seem do be able to pull away without stalling every time now, too. Yay me!

Now, I have a challenge for you all. Feedback is mandatory, in fact.
It's like this: If I don't go somewhere soon (away from Ireland, I mean), I fear I may just pop. So for various reasons, I'm planning a trip for the weekend of 23rd February, which I am turning into a long weekend. I'm taking my sister and young Cinderella and we're going away. The trouble is, I don't know where yet.
That's where you come in.
Are there any suggestions on a good place to go in February?
Somewhere in Europe would be good since the less flying time is involved, the better.
Somewhere that offers good shopping would be good, since one of us is 16 and not so much into the ol' museums and stuff, probably.
The only stipulation is that the weather should be milder than it is here, even if it's not actually warm - temperatures in the double figures (celcius, not farenheit!) will do.

I was thinking Barcelona - any advice?
I humbly (if somewhat impatiently because let's face it, time is running short) await the pearls of your wisdom.



Spookie the Warrior said...

I have been checking out Croacia - man what a beautiful place!! I have NO idea what their wether is like now or how far it is from you (seker MOER vêr!!) but if I could go anywhere I want to go right now, it would be there.

Barcelona sounds fab too.

anne said...

No wisdom to dispense (surprisingly...), but Barcelona and Croatia both sound very appealing right now.

jason evans said...

Once you have the non-stalling down with the bike, the rest is easy! Sounds like you're just about there.

angel said...

weeelllll daaaaahling... you know, after aaaaall the gallivanting i have done, and based on my own experience... i find that barcelona is fabulous in april, but i much prefer rome in february. and then athens in march is spectacular!
flip a coin doll- i wish i could join you!

kyknoord said...

Throw a dart in a map. It'll give you a starting point.

buddess said...

PE, PE, PE - who cares about travelling time??? Our weather is awesome, shopping is fabulous and then you get to see me!!! I wish!! Seeing that you only have a long weekend, Kyknoord's idea seems logical. I've always wanted to visit Luxembourg simply because it sounds so romantic and all that..

Terri said...

Spookie - Croatia is definitely on the cards but not at this time of year. Too cold.

Anne - Anywhere other than Paris, eh..?

Jason - Yep, I figured it was a good start. The not-falling-over is quite a bonus, too.

Angel - Rome in February? Really? lol!

Kyknoord - Don't have darts. Normally we just close our eyes and randomly put a finger on it (the map, not the dart) somewhere. But for this one, well, weather is of utmost importance. If you'd spent a winter over here you'd know what I was talking about..!

Buddess - Chill, we're getting there... PE I mean. Probably July or August, actually. WooHoo!!!

Homo Escapeons said...

COLD? Come over to Canada..
We escape Winters by flying to Mexico!! Now that we need passports to go to the USA we will NEVER go there nyeh!!!
I would think that Spain or anywhere along the Med would be fabulous....
((sigh)) now I want to go and we haven't even made it through January!.

Terri said...

Homo Escapeons - 'Fabulous' might be overstating it a bit in February but we might get lucky. Now, I know Canada gets cold but y'know I've met a few Canadians here and they've all complained about the weather here LOL! Perhaps it's the "Miserableness Factor"?

Reluctant Nomad said...

I've been having problems trying to comment on your blog of late - the 'veri-word' hasn't been displaying and no matter how much I try to guess what it is, I've not got it right.

As regards bikes, I was going to get a bicyle yesterday but got distracted by the market so it'll have to be next weekend. I can't wait!!

Kiwichat said...

Hi, Oh how i wish New Zealand was just a wee trip as boy oh boy I would love to see you guys, and the weather is warm here. Hope it a wonderfull trip. Happy sweet 16 Cinderella please give her my best wishes.

Terri said...

Nomad - Ja, the guessing doesn't work too well for me either. Good luck on the bicycle shopping!

Kiwichat - Hi you!!! I wish NZ was closer too, but a visit is still on the cards at some point :)