Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I am king of the world!!!

OK, technically, I know that should be Queen of the world but somehow I feel more like a King. You see today I rode my bike all the way into work for the first time.

{{applause and fanfare}}

My license arrived in the mail yesterday (is this the only country in the world where it is safe to send peoples' drivers licenses to them in the mail?) so this morning I dressed in my work clothes, then took them off again and packed them in my rucksack (so I wouldn't forget a shoe or something) donned my biking gear (safety first!) and rang-tang-tang'd my way into town.
In peak hour traffic.
Yay me!
I even rode on the motorway - this is Dublin, after all, what are the chances of the traffic travelling at more than 80km/h at that time of the morning?!
Was I scared? You betcha.
Did I balk at the buses? Maybe a bit.
But eventually I did get tired of sitting in the traffic so I gingerly edged my way out and sneaked forward between the lines of cars, just like a real biker;-)
I did it!
By the time I had my bike parked at work I was shaking like a piece of jelly on the dashboard of a car with worn shock absorbers, and there was enough adrenaline coursing through my veins to make me feel invincible. Don't worry - that sensation only hit me after I'd made it to work. While I was in traffic I was nervous as a little mouse!
The other bikers in the office are all terribly excited for me and didn't even complain when I 'stole' their parking space. Suddenly I feel like I'm in a gang, hehehe!
I'm sure in a couple of weeks' time I'll be quite blasé about the commute... but for today I'll simply enjoy the sensation of having overcome fear and conquered the road.


kyknoord said...

That's excellent, Terri. We will, of course, require photos.

Anonymous said...

Congrats about the license!! A member of the gang indeed. :)

It is the question said...

HA HA HA HA HA! Oh my word the thought of you dressing twice has me rolling on the floor!

Not a bad idea though. I have from time to time forgotten something at home when I've gone to gym early in the morning and had to detour via home to shower and change there.

Most seriously, I once forgot my work shoes when I was working in Harare, commuting in on a Sunday evening each week in my casual clothes. I spent the early part of that Monday morning waiting for a shoe shop to open. Sadly, work shoes were rubbish but still expensive in Zim in 2001. I wore them for a week and then threw them away on my return home.


Terri said...

Kyk - Er, it's kinda difficult to use a camera while riding. I sorta need both hands to, like, keep the bike on the road.

Jason - Yep, I'm officially one of the 'cool kids' now.

IITQ - ehehehe ja welcome to the wonderful world of Terri :)

DelBoy said...

I feel a song coming on Cuz.

"Wanna be in my gang, my gang, my gang"


Jeff said...

Congratulations, Terri!
Are you going to enter one of those motorcycle races I see on t.v. in Europe where they are practically lying on their side as they round corners at tremendous speeds? :)

Terri said...

Del - Aw a song for meee...?! fanks, Cuz :)

Jeff - Ummm..... No. Maybe next year... ;)

LiVEwiRe said...

It won't be long til we're reading about how you drove up and over the bus, car, person that was in your way. I mean, they do it in movies so I'm guessing you'll find a way! ;)

angel said...

woohoooo! yay for terri! oh i am SO jealous...

angel said...

that post title has been running through my brain like a looped track and i suddenly remembered where its from- leonardo da whatsit in titanic! sheesh- you'd think i'd seen the movie seven hundred times, i've only seen it twice, honest!

Terri said...

LiVEwiRe - Well I made a start yesterday when I almost missed clipping someone's side mirror and then a truck. That blasted depth perception of mine again..!
{Don't panic - I was almost at a dead standstill so no harm, no foul, hehe!}

Angel - You're one up on me then. I had no idea I was quoting Leo :)

Anonymous said...

Jislike Terri that is brave of you.I take it the temp was in double digits again with no chance of rain?

buddess said...

I am so proud of you!!! Now I am missing my bike all over again. Note to self: Get yourself a bike again!!!

Reluctant Nomad said...

I'm really proud of you, my girl! When are you joining the Hell's Angels?

Angelina said...

COngrats Terri! That is indeed an accomplishment :) And here in the States they still send you your drivers license in the mail. At least in California, I don't know if it's the same in all the States.

Terri said...

Anonymous - ?? Double digits, not so much. But nope, no rain :)

Buddess - There was something I've been meaning to tell you, what was it again..? Oh ja - get yourself a bike!

Nomad - Pfft, they should be so lucky ;)

Angelina - Wow. Who knew there were reliable postal services all over the world?!