Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tuesday morn and all is well

It astounds me how different Ireland is when the sun shines. After months and months (and months!) of dreary Winter weather, we had four glorious days and today promises to stay that way... and they fell over a long weekend! Now, I realise that my South African readers will think I'm nuts when I tell you that temperature was around 13 degrees C on Saturday and it was so lovely out that we rushed off to get meat and invited friends around for a Braai (BBQ), because in SA 13 degrees is the dead of winter. Somehow it's different here.
I had a really good long weekend, beginning with Hubby and I going on a breakfast run on the Blackbird on Friday that took us into the Wicklow Mountains to the South of Dublin and lasted pretty much most of the day. Nothing beats an exhilerating ride on the bike on a beautiful day. Then we had our Braai with friends on Saturday, and on Sunday morning we went to the beach. Yes, the beach! OK I admit there was no swimming and we were fully clothed at all times but the sand was warm between my toes and the sun was warm on my face. Warm face and warm toes makes for warm soul, so I was happy :)
Yesterday was a model of decadence, involving apple pie and whipped cream, lots of chocolate, crisps, fizzy cooldrinks and lounging around watching TV*.
Yep, for now, all is well in Terriland :)


*By the way, I rather enjoyed "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" - by far the most enjoyable of the poor boy's adventures yet - for me, if not for him.


Spookie the Warrior said...

Hello Terri!!
Thanks for stopping in to say Hi while I was away for a while. I am well - just have no time to blog. Very frustrating.

13 degrees!! Yes, here in SA that would be considered cold! LOL!!

But I am glad to hear things are warming up there for you.
Gotta run!

angel said...

oooh- what a cool weekend... it beats teenagers and two year olds throwing up hands down i tell you!!
i'll fill you in later...

ooh- and i like that "happy rotter" story too!

Jeff said...

Sounds wonderful, Terri. I'm glad you're enjoying somewhat warmer temperatures.

Anonymous said...

The fifth Harry Potter book, The Order of the Phoenix, is brutal. Prepare to be kicked when you're down. Don't even bother trying to get up. You'll just get kicked again.

On the bright side, glad your weather is turning!

Terri said...

Spookie - I know what you mean about the no time thing... although I'm managing to sneak a post in here and there I've been really bad at reading anyone else's!

Angel - Oh darn did I miss out on kids throwing up?

Jeff - And today is yet another glorious day :-)

Jason - Wow you really know how to make a girl want to read a book...