Thursday, November 01, 2007

disjointed thoughts

You'd have been forgiven for thinking world war 3 had broken out last night with the amount of fireworks and bonfires and screeching that filled the air. The screeching, of course, was entirely that of young children dressed up as ghouls and fairies, madly excited about trick-or-treating for Halloween. Hubby was almost as excited, happily handing out sweeties to the youngsters (already on a sugar rush - pity the poor parents!).
Thank heavens it's over now.

I'm multi-tasking in a big way at the moment - hastily typing up a long overdue blog post, trying to upload pictures to Flickr (if the website ever decides to load) and going through a list of stuff on Facebook as long as my arm. (Why, oh why, did I ever sign up for the thing??! Me being the conscientious person that I am, no matter how many times I tell myself to just not log in again I just can't help myself. Pfft!)
And at the same time as all of that I'm trying to cook dinner.
Talk about spreading myself too thin...!

In other news, the new laptop is doing well - most of the time. The display is great for photos and it boots up really fast (certainly compared to my old 733mhz no-name-brand!) but for some reason the internet is really slow sometimes. And that REALLY annoys me. I'm inclined to blame the Norton internet suite, which I didn't use previously, but I just can't be sure... it's a Techie's worst nightmare and you know how notoriously bad techies are at fixing their own stuff.

I'm battling to keep up the blog. I seem to have lost the urge to write. Or take photos. The ones I want to upload to Flickr tonight (if the internet decides to play with) are those I took in South Africa in July!!! "Better late than never" seems to be becoming a theme in my life.
I seem to have lost the urge to do a lot of things. But I still enjoy riding my bike - I reckon the trips to and from work are the highlight in my life at the moment.

So anyway, if it means anything I do think of you guys. If Big Brother wasn't watching my every move at work I'm sure I'd be doing a better job of keeping in touch. Yah, I know, excuses excuses and all that.
I do miss you all though. And I'm sure I'll be back on form again at some point so don't give up on me, OK?


DelBoy said...

Good to have you back cuz! Thought you'd taken ANOTHER holiday!

So where is the link to the SA photos?

-Ann said...

You're in my blog lines, so I'm not going anywhere. (I don't blog at work either - don't look at blogs, don't write posts, don't even read my personal email.)

laurie said...

i've gotcha in bloglines, dear. watching your every post!!

did you light bonfires for halloween?

Anonymous said...

We'll still be here. Be well.

Terri said...

Del - I wish! The pics are in the usual place on Flickr - the link in the sidebar will take you there.

-ann - Ah it's a sad thing when we have to spend all our time at work working..!

Lori - No bonfires for me. Something to do with my somewhat unnatural fear of fire. Besides, there were more than enough around to have everyone coughing for days anyway ;-)

Jason - Cool. I will :)

angel said...

hey terri!!!
i would never give up on you- i check up on you AT LEAST once a week!
seems there's a bit of a blogfunk doing the rounds- i blame november...