Thursday, January 10, 2008

Capricornus Adventurous

Just one more day at work and I'm on holiday again!

Having hosted Christmas at my house I thought I might need some time to relax afterwards - and I was right. Although I wasn't working over the festive season, I didn't exactly get a lot of downtime. I feel like I've been in a never-ending cycle of cooking and cleaning up. I'm sure there are other wives and mothers out there who know what I'm talking about. This week it has been my mission to get to the bottom of the laundry basket. I'm almost there, after what feels like dozens of loads of clothes, bedding and towels... and now I'm out of fabric softener but I will not fail! A quick trip to the supermarket after work tomorrow should sort that out.

Because, you see, it has to be done by the end of the weekend.

Because next week I won't be here to do it. Next week, I'm taking my well-earned holiday and taking a bite of the Big Apple.
And when I get back the laundry basket will once again be full. But I won't be thinking about that when I'm exploring New York City with Hubby. Nope, laundry will be the furthest thing from my mind.
We'll be shopping, and snapping photographs, and ice skating. And did I mention shopping?
You see, it's my birthday next week and I decided that this year I want to go ice skating in Central Park for my birthday. I don't much like birthdays - never have. I don't think I ever had an actual birthday party and I have no particular inclination to break that tradition now.
I have, however, acquired a taste for doing something slightly different around my birthday. A couple of years ago there was the Ski Trip. OK the skiing itself wasn't all that successful for me, but I had a great time anyway, just being there. I liked celebrating my birthday somewhere different and I want to do it again.
Plus, it's a great excuse to not have to organize something here at home - people have a habit of finding out when one has a birthday and insisting on going out for drinks or something and I'm just not really into that idea.

Nope, I'd much rather be out discovering the world and ticking off another box on my "Things To Do Before I Die" list.

So look out, America, I'm coming!!!


And on a completely different note I thought I'd give you an update - remember my old friend from way back, the one I emailed back in December to congratulate him on becoming a father? Well some of you asked so I thought I'd tell you that yes, he replied and even sent a photo of him with his bundle of joy. He hasn't changed a bit in the last decade, from what I could see. So there you have it. I'm not a crazy stalker-woman after all :-)


laurie said...

ah, new york! have you been there before? you can just walk until your shoes fall apart and have a lovely time.

i'm envious--i haven't been there in about 10 years now.

kyknoord said...

Good planning. i suppose it's redundant to say that I'm envious.
PS. I kinda like the crazy stalker-woman image. It's edgy.

anne said...

"People have a habit of finding out when one has a birthday"
Well duh... So I'm supposed to pretend that I don't know?!

Dawn said...

Terri - I REALLY hope you see this before you leave. I live about an hour from NYC - check your email ... it would be super cool to speak on the phone, or maybe even get together ... there's a cool South African restaurant in Brooklyn, I think it is. I'm going to email you NOW. Happy Birthday. xox

It is the question said...

Have a great time! New York is one of my favourite places.

The Staten Island ferry, the Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park on a hot summer's day, The Cloisters, Columbia University, Grenwich Village, Bloomingdales, Emporio Armani....

Love it.

Rose said...

Hi Terry,
Have a fabulous birthday in New York I loved our trip in December and just wish we had spent longer, only one annoyance was having to go through security worse than the airport when we took the ferry to the statue of Liberty but everything else was fab! Talking of which we are not going anywhere too far in March as hubby's passport expires and the SA embassy said a new one will be 4 months, so maybe off to UK but that is about as far as we can go!

LiVEwiRe said...

OMG, if I'd known sooner I'd have taken the day off work and driven up there (it's like what, 8 hours?) just to say hi! Ok, and maybe shop. But then again, perhaps that was your plan.... hmmm.! Happy birthday!!! "28" is such a great age! ;)

Terri said...

Laurie - Yep, it's our first visit. And if my shoes fall apart, well damn shame I'll just have to get new ones LOL!

Kyknoord - Ya think? I was wondering if I needed a new look for the new year...

Anne - Pretend you didn't read that, dear, and remember, I'm going there to get away from the birthday ;-)

Dawn - It would be great to meet up for a Springbokkie or two!

IITQ - So much to buy, so little time..!

Rose - Ugh, those passport things can be a real pain. Maybe there will be an unexpected heat wave in the UK in March..?

LiVEwiRe - An 8 hour drive to say Hi? Sure, I can see the sense in that. A cup of coffee would've been nice too ;-)
PS 28? I love you!!!

-Ann said...

Have a fantastic trip! I'm a big believer in celebrating birthdays with special, happy, all-about-you days. Hope you have fun.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the U.S.!

And Happy Birthday, fellow Capricorn. :)

Ben O. said...

New York is lovely. We want pictures. Your pics are always so wonderful, Terri.


Ben O.

angel said...

wow!!! what a fargin fantastically marvellous idea to celebrate your birthday!!!

Rose said...

Are you not back from New York yet?? We miss you!

Terri said...

-ann - The trip was fantastic, thanks, and the birthday was, well, perfect!

Jason - Thanks, and having been there now I definitely want to go again.

Ben o - Aw, you're too kind :-) You can take a peek on Flickr now for the pics.

Angel - I thought it was quite a good plan too :-)

Rose - Yes I'm back! Sorry I've been a bit scarce. Between the jet-lag and working a late-ish shift this week, I haven't been online at all. It's always nice to hear I'm missed :-)