Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Towers

The village in which I live out here in the Styx, Ireland, is a small one. There is a village shop, a fresh fruit 'n veg place, a hairdresser, a betting office and a pharmacy. The biggest addition in recent times is a large-ish SuperValu - an actual supermarket, where we can buy almost everything we need to keep the household running. Oh, and of course there are 2 pubs. Perhaps the amount of pubs is the best indication of the size of the village.

It's really nothing special, this village of ours. It's too far from the actual sea to be a seaside town and the surrounding area is mostly farmland. There is one landmark, however, that serves as its claim to fame: an old church with a Round Tower, that dominates the main street and the landscape for miles around.

Don't bother to click on this photo - it was taken at night, the camera hand-held, so it's really blurry, but the small picture gives you some idea of what I'm talking about:

I've intended photographing this building for some time now, and at long last I went out a few nights ago in the freezing cold to do just that, with some success - feel free to click on these for a larger view, they came out much better :-)


You may be forgiven for thinking I made a type-o above, when I referred to "A Round Tower", when clearly, there is more than one. Ah but you see, 'tis not so! Only one of the towers attached to this old monastery is an official Round Tower - the one on the right, in the photo below:

The other three towers are just regular old Belfry towers... which I personally think are just as impressive. Turns out, though, that they are mere camouflage for the Historically More Important round tower.

Because apparently the Belfry towers are mere towerlings - built as recently as 1500 perhaps, although nobody really remembers that far back. The Ones In The Know, however, claim that the Round Tower was built in the 6th century. That it is still standing is, I admit, rather impressive.

And that concludes today's history lesson. I'm far too lazy to go and look up more facts for you. Feel free to Google "Irish Round Towers" for more information on these marvels of ancient engineering.
Me, I just wanted to show you the pretty pictures.


anne said...

Well they are pretty pictures. And it's funny how looking up the Wikipedia website has led me to this and that and now I'm just depressed that i'm not in Scotland. Thank you Terri. Hmpf.

laurie said...

beautiful, even the blurry ones.

this is where you live? man some people have all the luck.

i'm glad oliver cromwell didn't bash that one over. it's gorgeous.

Rose said...

Lovely pics, please send details of the canaries or the place where you went, we need to thaw out especially after the trip to Chicago!

Anonymous said...

I especially love the final shot. Gorgeous.

Terri said...

Anne - Don't get depressed, Honey. You have the Brooklyn Bridge, for goodness' sake!

Laurie - Considering how many times this country was invaded it's quite amazing how many ancient buildings are still standing. Some of them just hang around in fields, and such, arbitrarily and in the middle of nowhere. It's weird. Just weird.

Rose - The info's in the mail :-) Bring me back a bottle of sunshine.

Jason - That's my favourite too. It reminds me why I love my camera.

angel said...

very cool, its beautiful!
so can we have pictures of the pubs next?

Terri said...

Angel - I'll see what I can do :-)