Saturday, January 26, 2008

nothing to report but the news

OK so the thing is, I wanted my first post after our trip to New York to be about just that but it's taking longer than anticipated to write the thing up. Big surprise. Finding a block of a few hours at a time to write it up has been impossible this week. So it'll have to wait. I thought I might just let you all know that we're back, having had a fantastic time. Pictures and details will follow at some point. Promise.

Today we're having some trouble sitting still, as we are anticipating a major event this evening: my stepson, having passed his final year of school in SA in December, arrives tonight - in just over 2 hours, in fact. And not just for a visit, this time, but for good!
The newly converted attic has been cleaned up in preparation, and a chest of drawers purchased and hammered together (everything comes in a flat-pack these days) so he will have somewhere to put his clothes. After 6 1/2 years our little family will finally all be under one roof and I can proceed to mothering him at last. Although at 18 I'm not sure how much mothering he will want but sure, it's my prerogative.
Some people have suggested it will take some adjusting, having another person in the household to look after but I like to see it as another pair of hands to help with the dishes, LOL!
I jest, of course. He's had a tough year and Hubby and I have felt horribly helpless here in Ireland while he was all the way over in South Africa. It's time for us to be a family.

With this in mind I'm sure you understand how I'm having trouble concentrating on writing up a trip report about New York. Did I mention it was fantastic?!

I've uploaded some photos to Flickr in the meantime, for those of you that feel like taking a look.
Right now I gotta get ready to go to the airport!!!


laurie said...

welcome back! no wonder you've been busy. wow.

and your flickr ny pictures are terrific. they look just like the new york i remember. it's been 10 years since i've been there--hard to imagine.

i look forward to hearing about the trip!

LiVEwiRe said...

Looking forward to your post but it sounds like you'll be quite busy til then. Off to see your pics, too! Great to have you back!

anne said...

So do we already have a nickname for him? Welcome!
Your pictures are so good, I'm going to slyly redirect all of mine to your stream. Oh yeah.

Rose said...

Welcome back, your photos are awesome and enjoy the addition to your family!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with that. If he's like any typical 18-year old I know, he'll be more interesting in getting motherless :)

angel said...

oh my goodness how cool is that!!
so he's been there for 3 days now... have you spoilt him rotten and spent hours gallivanting all over the place?
i LOVE the ny pics, can't wait for the post!

Ben O. said...

Lovely pictures, but I would expect no less from you, Terri.

I hope the trip was a good one. It looks like it was.

Ben O.

beadinggalinMS said...

Hellooooo!!! :)
I am soo happy to be commenting on your blog again. I am also very excited to go see your photos from your trip. I have missed you soo much Terri.

Terri said...

Laurie - Phew! Now that the big trip-report is done I look forward to catching up on some reading at last!

LivEWiRe - Busy? Me? Hmf, story of my life.

Anne - I've been mulling over this one. I can't think of any famous Stepsons. I mean, Cinderella was really easy, it just rolled right off my fingertips as I was typing one day, but this one is not so easy. His sister calls him "SWB", i.e. Skinny White Boy, but that seems just weird. Perhaps I should take a poll...

Rose - Thanks, thanks and... thanks! So far it's going really well :-)

Kyknoord - Not my boy, surely not, he's completely innocent, I'm sure.

Angel - I did spoil him a bit but then again he kinda needed some clothes more suitable to this climate than January in SA.

Ben O. - You flatter me :-) Keep it up.

Beads - Welcome Back to Blogland!!!! I've missed you too, so I hope you stick around awhile yet xxx