Thursday, September 15, 2005

the blind leading the blind

I came home early today because a twit at work didn't when he was sick last week, so as a result I am now a snivelling, sneezing troll [insert sympathetic noises here].

But that's not what I'm going to tell you about.

Hubby's sister arrived yesterday for a visit from SA. No, this is not going to be a character assassination - I happen to be very fond of my sister-in-law.

The thing is, the two of them are off to Venice for a few days tomorrow, on a sibling bonding expedition. I think it's great - they have always been close but what with us living 10,000km away for the past 4 years, they haven't had much time together.

So when I decided to arrange a trip to Paris for next month with my Mom and 2 sisters (more about that in another post, I promise), Hubby decided to arrange this trip to Venice with his li'l sis, 'cos she's always wanted to go there. I think that's really sweet, I dunno about you.

Of course, although I said HE organised this trip, in actual fact it was Yours Truly who booked the flights and hotels for them and printed out the reservation sheets etc. It's what I do - I organise stuff.

This afternoon they decided it was finally time to think about what's going to happen once they leave Dublin tomorrow, and this is where things get interesting, hehe.

See, traditionally in our family, I am the one who organises the flights & hotels, figures out the maps and how we're getting to & from places, and roughly what we're going to do when we get there and how we're going to go about all of this. I can read a map and have a good sense of direction.

In my S-i-L's family, it is her hubby that does all of the above.

Which means that between S-i-L and Hubby, they haven't a clue, LOL!

They've been sitting at the PC for a while, poring over a tiny guide book they purchased this morning and abusing Google, trying to figure out where they're staying on the map (in the guide book) and what exactly there is to DO in Venice.

These are some of the comments I've heard so far:
HUBBY: See here, we need to get there, by the 'knuckle' bit.
S-i-L: Oh so the airport is quite far away from the hotel then.
HUBBY: Aw crap, the hotel is completely surrounded by water! [Bear in mind this is Venice we're talking about ;-)]
S-i-L: Well I have my flip-flops so my feet can get wet.
S-i-L: I'll show him my t*ts, will that help? [In reference to getting in somewhere that requires some Italian word that neither of them can pronounce]
HUBBY: Where-o is-o this-o? [This is his own special Italian dialect. In German, all the words end with "en", e.g. "Where-en is-en the bar-en"]

I think this is hilarious, although I can't help worrying a little bit about them finding their way back to Dublin on Monday..!

PS I asked them if they minded if I blogged about this and they said I shouldn't but, well, this is MY blog and I'll write about anything I choose, hehehe! This situation is just too good to pass up :-)


anne said...

And you should blog about it - say it's so somebody shares your worries on Monday (we'll laugh quietly, promise).
On a "serious" note, it's fantastic that they get on so well.

mskosnz - mosquitoes in New-Zealand?

LiVEwiRe said...

Wait... what's this I hear about water in Venice? When did this happen?! I demand an answer!!! {tapping foot} I hope they have a blast. I kick ass with directions and plans even when I don't speak the language. I have no problem just flying by the proverbial seat of my pants, although some would call that stupidity.

zialvq - lost Venetian word for dialup service

kan said...

You go's your blog! Love the Venice trip thing....I loved it there....please share more on this saga!

The Whippy Curly Tails said...

LOL, you post is great.

Venice, to do....sheesh it's eat, shop, eat, have coffee, shop, eat and zip around in the cool boats! Oh yes, buy some glass...go to that little island. My brother was stationed in I was fortunate to spend time in the Big V.

I love your blog! =^..^=

No-L said...

That's hilarious! My hubby has no sense of direction what-so-ever! He couldn't find his way out of a wet paperbag. ;)

As for your SIL, showing your tit's in the US will typically get you in anywhere you want. Not sure about overseas, since naked boobs seem to be more common place.

BTW, thanks for the vote, would you like to be the future FEMA director? I've heard there's an opening.

Ben O. said...

I am trying to picture it and I keep coming back to the flashing body parts to get in the door.

Is that wrong?

Keep us informed . . .

Ben O.

Terri said...

Anne - Thanks for the moral support. And Hubby says thanks for the reminder - he almost left the insect-repellant behind :-)
LiVEwiRe - Somehow that doesn't surprise me about you. The water in Venice is a recent thing, I didn't realise you hadn't been consulted. Won't happen again, sorry!
Joli Noir Perle - Thanks for stopping by. Will post more as the news filters through from the front lines ;-)
Lyn - Yep, that sounds like exactly the kind of trip these 2 will have.
no-l - Sure, thanks... er, what's FEMA?
Ben - That's ok. You're a guy. It's what we expect of you

bahnan - You try & say 'banana' when you're doped out on 'Flu medicine!

BUDDESS said...

I imagine that you will be getting a few distressed phonecalls this weekend. Stay close to Google and your phone because you will prolly have to tell them when to go left or right or book somewhere to sleep. I can only imagine!!!

word veri - tjjotduw - terri after a lot of flu medicine!!

kyknoord said...

Oh man, that whole 'Venetian blind' thing had me in stitches.

ChittyChittyBangBang! said...

Bllody hell, Terri... this is priceless!
"The hotel is surrouned by water" - that has to be the best comment by far.
For the sake of all of us blogland - they should keep a journal of their adventures.
Can-o they-o swim-o if-o they-o fall-o in-o water-o?

Terri said...

Buddess Luckily their hotel is already booked. Just hope they find it!
KN Sharp as ever :-)
Chitty Good point-o ... 'specially with the amount of alcohol-o I suspect-o they're going to drink-o, hehe.

DelBoy said...

Map? In Venice? Absolutely useless. And tell them not to bother asking for directions either.

One of the GREAT things about Venice is that it's one of the few places that they DO actually speak English.

Enjoy your weekend of peace and quiet.

uajbo = United Airlines Jumbo

No-L said...

FEMA is the Federal Emergency Managaement Agency, I was kidding they just fired the director *cough or rather he resigned. Due to the whole New Orleans catastrophe.