Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Don't believe everything you read

Just for fun, cos I love this kind of thing, I followed this URL to find out what my name really means.

Reaper : Greek

You have enormous vitality and originality making you a dynamic individual with great charm and sex appeal. You believe in putting one hundred per cent into all your activities of which there are many. You have potential to achieve great success in business or public affairs where your friendship and consideration of others wins you many allies. Your innate strength and determined effort is able to overcome any obstacles. Freedom is important to you.


Whatever you say, Yoda.
I'd like to meet me, someday.

Have a good weekend everybody!


BUDDESS said...

You got me. I just had to do it. Check out my blog for today!

DelBoy said...

That's what makes you my favourite cousin!


word verification: ayuzmnts = Ayuz Mountains?

kyknoord said...

Well, it could be true. In any case, they're not going to say something like "You suck utterly. Go eat a bag of shit and stop using up our bandwidth!" are they?

Terri said...

Buddess I think maybe I was swapped at birth and should actually have been named something else, but yours is pretty spot-on, actually.
Del Aw Cuz that's so sweet! Now were the ayuzmnts formed by the eoflqwk (Eoffel Quake)?
Kyknoord Well u just never know, do you? Have you checked your name yet?

ChittyChittyBangBang! said...

I checked "chitty" and since it is a nickname, I thought I get a "cannot find" response. But this is what came back:
Energetic and courageous you stand up for your beliefs and for what you desire. You are independent, strong willed and fiercely competitive when needed although your ambition is tempered with patience. You maintain a positive attitude and with a more organised or practical approach to life material success is very likely. Your immensely loving and generous nature brings joy into peoples lives and ensures your happiness.
Postive proof - Yoda had too many tequilas and smokes pot.
Word verification: qentol as in - I don't believe a qentol of what is said in the above.

Terri said...

Ah, so THAT's what the problem was... I put in my actual name, not 'Terri'.

So here's what I get back for "Terri":
Honest, dependable and practical you tend to have a fairly conservative but determined approach to life. Your intelligence and wisdom means that you are sought out for guidance and advice. Gifted in communication you are philosophical and intuitive and are usually a traveller both mentally and physically. People respect you for your patience, discretion and integrity.

I have to say, that's more like it. "Intelligence and wisdom", "intuitive". Hehe, I like it a lot!

Chitty well you do bring joy into our lives :-)

Word verification: mltptpd (MeLTPoorTerriPlayingDumb)

LiVEwiRe said...

Real name: You are both a visionary and a realist able to bring your dreams into a tangible form. Pioneering and ambitious you accept new challenges and the responsibilities which go with them willingly. Your sound judgement, resourcefulness and positive nature means that your progress in life is assured. Certainly your kindness and generosity to others and your inspirational manner attract success as well as many admirers.

Screen Name: Honest, hardworking and determined your abilities can lead you to great worldly success. Having a keen mind and emotional maturity your interpersonal skills are well developed and make you ideal for positions of leadership or group projects. People admire you for your integrity, patience and fairmindedness. You enjoy life to the full and are an example to others of what industry and tenacity can bring.

Ok... I think someone broke this Terri, yours sounds pretty good but uh, I can't vouch for the sex appeal part. I mean sheesh, that would be some serious sex appeal to shine from Ireland to the States. =) But I don't doubt it!

Shit - this is my word verif: cocjzm. Do I even need a definition? OMG...

Bosbefok said...

ohxcxo ? WTF ?? Dumn Verification..
Name means ... Youre a great hearted person with wonderful vision and glib tongue.....
Of course if you all believe I actually looked it up - then it may be right :-)

Bosbefok said...

Now with the nickname of Bosbefok... and a Pommie web guessyourname thingy I was surprised it came back with anything - but it did ...Versatile, intelligent and artistically talented. You love to enjoy yourself and tend to experience a happy domestic life and material success. You have a methodical and thorough mind and are able to organise large projects easily. Charming and likeable and with more than your share of sex appeal you tend to find yourself in the spotlight and much admired by others. Life is more fun with you around.
Too much mushrooms Yoda had !

anne said...

Grace : Hebrew
You are a charismatic individual with a dynamic and attractive personality. Probably not known for your caution or patience you are a risk taker who hates to be restricted in any way. Freedom is very important to you. Your thinking and intuition is strong and you have a talent for communication. You enjoy the sensual and material pleasures of life and with the application of care and wisdom you can achieve wonderful worldly success.

If only. :)

Terri said...

LiVEwiRe, bosbefok and Anne what can I say, I am in the presence of greatness!

qpxksh - what I was speaking last night at a leaving drinks party for someone at work