Friday, September 16, 2005

I think we're alone now...

What do you do when you're alone at home?
Some people like to walk around in their underwear, or naked, and do all sorts of things but I'm afraid I'm not one of those people. Sorry to disappoint!

I just got back from dropping Hubby & S-i-L at the airport - they were laughing at me 'cos I was stressing more than they were about their trip.
-"Do you have the tickets & hotel reservation?"
--"Do you want a bottle of water to carry with you?"
---"Do you have your credit card?"
You get the idea. Eventually I forced myself to just leave them be. They're grown-ups, they can handle it. I put it down to the fact that I don't have kids - it's a female instinct to need to look after & worry about someone. Usually I worry about my sister in London. This weekend it'll be Hubby out there in a strange city without me.
The man had NO sense of direction!
But enough about that. They've taken a notebook to write down their adventures (they both have atrocious memories for details) and have promised to keep in touch with me.

But now the apartment is empty, I have just the radio on for company and am happily ensconced in front of my laptop, hiding from the nasty, icy weather that sprang up outside overnight.

So what am I going to do this weekend? Go wild while I have some freedom? Er, not quite. I'll do what I always do when I have the house to myself:
-I'll smoke inside (no lectures please!).
--I'll eat salmon for supper (Hubby doesn't like salmon).
----I'll watch a girlie movie ("Shall We Dance" with Richard Gere).

-----I'll play loud music and sing along to it.
------And, of course, I will blog.

And hopefully my head will clear up enough so that I can write. I started something a while ago & it's just been sitting there needing my attention for some time now and I finally have reached a place where I think I might just be able to carry on with it a bit. That's all you're gonna get out of me on that subject, at least for now.

Onto the blogging.
I've seen these 'tagging' things that go around but have no idea how it all works, but this one that LiVEwIRe did caught my attention.

So here is my list of Seven Things:

1. Fire. It's an irrational fear that as far as I know has no reason for being.
2. Being upside-down. When I was a kid doing high-jump at school I used to land on my feet. Couldn't kiss the Blarney Stone 'cos u gotta bend backwards & be upside-down to do it; and I can't do some of the inverted yoga postures.
3. Heights - although I love flying and also being on top of mountains. Just don't like steep drops like balconies etc.
4. Never being happy & 'normal' again.
5. Not being in control - I actually don't like being drunk for this reason.
6. Irreperably damaging my relationships with people I care about because of my ever-so-slightly unreliable frame of mind.
7. Getting what I want only to find it's not what I want.

1. Still being in love with Hubby and excited that he's the one I married, even after almost 11 years.
2. Dancing of any sort.
3. Music - except reggae, rap and opera.
4. Travelling.
5. Writing.
6. Sewing.
7. Having coffee & a good heart-to-heart chat with a good friend.

1. Hubby. OK he's not there this weekend but he normally is :-)
2. The clock-radio to wake me up in the mornings else I'd sleep all day quite happily.
3. My yoga mat.
4. 'Froggy'. He was given to me by a friend of my sister's when she came back from the States & is the only pointless thing I brought over here from SA when we moved. I'd take a pic of him to show u, but Hubby took the camera with to Venice.
5. My purple fluffy slippers.
6. Clothes, for obvious reasons. And shoes. Very important things, shoes... and so pretty!
7. My camera.

1. I love boxes. When I see a box, I have to open it, and I have a little collection of pretty boxes, wooden and otherwise, which I intend expanding a lot once we find a permanent home again.
2. I grew up in a household of females; I'm the 2nd of 3 daughters, my father died when I was 7 and when we were growing up even our dog was female.
3. I am addicted to Pringles crisps so I don't buy them anymore, except for emergency munchies situations on aeroplanes. I can eat an entire large tube by myself in one sitting.
4. I don't have any female friends in Ireland.
5. I cry every time I see the movie "Ghost".
6. I laugh every time I see an episode of "Friends", even if I've seen it 10 times before.
7. I enjoy food almost as much as most people enjoy sex.

1. Go back to Santorini on holiday.
2. Finish writing a novel.
3. Visit my friend Gillian in New Zealand.
4. Go to Las Vegas.
5. Go to the Rio Carnival.
6. Be the coolest step-Grandma ever (not for a few years yet!)
7. Quit smoking.

1. Sew.
2. French-braid my hair.
3. Eat dessert even if I'm full after a main course at dinner.
4. Sing karaoke (a recent discovery).
5. Play pool.
6. Finish a crossword.
7. Dance.

1. Touch my toes.
2. The splits - in my 10 years of doing ballet I was only able to do the splits once.
3. Stop reading a book halfway, even if I'm not enjoying it.
4. Play sports that require ball skills (it's a depth-perception thing).
5. Walk past a shoe-shop without looking in the window.
6. Drink tequila.
7. Stop myself from cracking jokes in tense or awkward situations.

1. Ja (Afrikaans for 'yes'. It's a South African thing.)
2. Ag shame (Another Saffa thing - suits a variety of circumstances, e.g. "Ag shame, did you hear his mother died?", "Ag shame, the baby is so cute!", "Ag shame, they look so happy," etc.)
3. Ow, f*ck! (I'm a class A klutz, always covered in bruises.)
4. Sorry! (Normally for bumping into someone, see 3 above.)

5. Er, what were you saying? I wasn't really paying attention...
6. Holy sh*t! (Variation: Holy crap!)
7. Right, so... (This is a very Irish thing that I've picked up.)


Ooh, now we get to the interesting bit ;-)
Double Yum!
1. George Clooney - Definitely top of my list, just utterly yummy!
2. Brad Pitt... although he's losing ground after dumping poor Jen. Great ass though!
3. Brendan Fraser - he's just so big and huggable.
4. Johnny Depp - ever since his days in "21 Jump Street".
5. Rob Thomas - his voice makes me all warm & fuzzy inside.
6. Antonio Banderas - the ultimate Latin lover.
7. Mel Gibson - can't resist those baby-blues, even if he is a bit long in the tooth now.

So there you have it. The stuff I know you've all been dying to know about me. Any questions? Direct them to Q&
No don't, that address doesn't exist, Silly, hahaha!

But feel free to return the favour on your own blogs.

Meanwhile, I'll keep u posted on the intrepid travellers as the headlines come in ;-)


anne said...

I hope you enjoy your week-end!
And because I found myself in many things you just wrote, I've decided I'd speak to George.

Terri said...

Speak to George? Ja mention that my hubby's away for
the weekend ;-)

anne said...

Done. Don't go shrieking when he... rings your bell. ;)

LiVEwiRe said...

This is kind of exciting that you get the weekend to yourself - have fun! Now, for your responses:

Things that scare you: I so get #3; it's just heights I can fall from and live in agony. #7 - I hear ya!

Random Facts:
#1 - I'm the same with boxes and various little containers. Especially love carved, wooden boxes.

Before you die:
#4 - You'd love it! If you make it that far let me know and I'll meet you out there!

Can't do: #3 - I'm the same way. I feel like I'm turning my back on it if I stop reading. And maybe it'll get better. It rarely does but I still can't do it! =)

I laughed because of the klutzy, clumsy, not-paying-attention theme going; sounds like someone I know!

How could I forget Brendan Fraser? He's spectacular and amazingly tall. Whew, ja - I like him! (Did I use it right? Did I, did I?!)

Ok, I'm done being a goof for the moment. So glad you did this, loved reading it!

pokypg- saying 'Porky Pig' when drunk

Terri said...

Anne, if George Clooney gets to, um, ring my bell, I'm afraid there's bound to be a little shrieking involved ;-)
LiVEwIRe - I like ur new pic - it's SOOO you! LOL (a little nervously)!
And Ja u used it right.
Seeya in Vegas!

pcagma - the extent of Terri's vocabulary when George appears on her doorstep

Underachiever said...

7 south african/irish bloggers that are cool and I actually know(sorta)

1 Terri
2 Terriola
3 Terrence
4 terrini
5 Terr......i
6 Ter
7 Terri Terri, bo berri

Undr(great postage! Ag shame!)

myke said...

different versions of the '7' meme seems to be the biggest passed around meme ever ...

and singing loudly to music while alone at home is a good thing ... i do it too.

No-L said...

I love boxes, all sorts of little boxes. Also those are great celebrity crushes, they're totally HOT!!!

ChittyChittyBangBang! said...

Big ups for the list! Now I feel like I know you.
With Hubby and SIL away, you should actually be doing something crazy, but staying at home and doing al the things you mentioned also sounds cool.
Crazy is more my style... hehehe.

Terri said...

Undr I can always rely on you for an ego boost! :-)
But you forgot the 8th one - plain ol' "T".
Myke Thx 4 stopping by.
no-l D'ya think I'll get to meet any of these hotties in my new role as Director of FEMA?
Chitty I suspect me prancing around in my purple fluffy slippers singing my heart out might just qualify for crazy ;-)

BUDDESS said...

Loved your lists. Definately share you crushes and also to visit Gilly!!! Maybe we should make it a (hehehe) threesome in Christchurch!! lol