Friday, October 28, 2005

Sneakily Tagged and Quirky?

During my absence from Blogging this week, during which time I have managed to pop in for a mere comment here and there, I appear to have been tagged by Ben-O. Sneaky of him to do it while I was otherwise occupied and therefore completely unable to defend myself... but OK Ben, here goes:

Some Quirky Stuff About Me:

When I drink coffee out of a paper cup, I always keep the lid on. If I have to take the lid off to put milk in, I always put the lid back on afterwards to drink it. It just tastes better.

I don't eat a lot of sweet things, but occasionally I like chocolate, and then I eat the whole thing in as short a time as possible to get the maximum amount of pleasure out if it even if it doesn't last long. I think I may be one of those instant-gratification-seeking people.

I don't really like eating rice... because it's untidy. If served rice with chicken, for example, I will pick up the chicken with my fork and scrape all the bits of rice off that are sticking to it, and do my best to separate the two on my plate.

I know I've mentioned this before but I LOVE boxes... when I see a box I am compelled to open it to see what's inside, even if I know it is empty.

I talk to myself almost constantly while I am working but I seldom realise I am doing it. I think it helps me concentrate.

I only like the orange Liquorice All-Sorts.

I frown when I'm concentrating which apparently makes me look either cross, or stressed. I find that quite amusing.

I crave order in my universe. I straighten pictures, square off piles of books, papers, magazines, whatever, and fold all my clothes to the same size so that the piles are neat... without even realising I am doing it at the time.

OK that's all the quirks I can think of right now. Really, I don't come out too badly in the grand scheme of things. I don't do silly things like mix peanut butter and jam on sandwiches, or alphabetise my books (although I do order them on the shelves according to size. Is that a quirk?). All in all I'm probably quite normal, although some might disagree ;-)

And now to pass this tag along. Hmmm, let me think...

Del, 'cos although we're related I really don't know too many little things about you.

Anne, 'cos I know it will irritate the crap out of you and really, you're looking for a good reason to rant these days anyway, so actually I'm doing you a favour.

Chitty, 'cos you're bound to come up with stuff that will make me laugh.

LiVEwIRe, ditto. Plus I'll probably go, "Hey I do that too" quite a lot.

And last but not least, Lori, 'cos I don't know much about you at all.

Now don't the rest of you go feeling all left out OK? 'Cos it's a free world (more or less anyway) and actually you can all do this if you want to. Besides, this is the first time I'm tagging people by name, so rest assured, your time will come, hehe!

And next week life will be more or less back to normal for me so I will once again be spending hours and hours online to bring you more babbling than you can possibly stand.


LiVEwiRe said...

Woohoo! I've been tagged! I only get excited if it's something fun, and quirks are soooo my thing. Now, you know I identify with the box thing - love them! I straighten pictures, too...and most of all, I hate rice. To me, it's the texture that is the worst. I catch alot of flack for it, but hey, that's just me! Well, and you... =)

anne said...

Irritate? Me? Nah. I'm braindead these days, remember?
But yeah, come judgement day... you'll be sorry.
(Oh. And just what is wrong with alphabetising books, pray tell?

Terri said...

So glad I could brighten your day, LiVEwIRe! When we take over the world we can declare it a rice-free zone, ok?

Anne, I put that in there just to irritate you, hehe. I've been known to alphabetise my CD's for fun, if it makes you feel better. And my sisters used to tease me that when I unwrapped presents I would 'file' the wrapping paper afterwards. So I folded it neatly in case I wanted to use it again, what's wrong with that!?

DelBoy said...

Thanks for the tag Cuz.

Just remember, what goes around comes around!

Ben O. said...

I'm afraid that as the original tagger of said lovely lady, I am the one to blame her people.

I was worried that you got pissed (wait you guys use that word differently don't ya) at me for tagging you and that was why you hadn't visited Procrastination Station in awhile. I totally spaced on the fact that you were away from the computer.

Nice stuff - I like the box thing. You and pandora need to hang out. I hear she had a box or two.

Thanks for playing along, Terri.

Ben O.

Underachiever said...

You are a definite wacko. Which is why i luvs ya. Welcome back.


PS the lid does make coffee taste better.

Terri said...

Del, nanana, you can't scare me ;-)

Ben I always thought I should meet Pandora actually, LOL!

Undr 'tis good to be back

DelBoy said...

Tag completed!