Thursday, October 13, 2005

Terri 1, Creep 0

There's this man at work who gives me the creeps. I have no idea why, he just makes my skin crawl. Actually, I feel a bit bad about it because I often see him stop in at a Church after leaving the train station on his way to work. He must be a good person, right? Nonetheless, I just can't shake this icky feeling I get when I look at him.

We've had a run-in once before, on email, where he got a bit snooty with me. This I don't like, but no big deal, I just try and avoid him now.

So last friday I get in the lift at the end of the day and who should step in with me? Creepy middle-manager himself.

Wanna know how to make an awkward situation even worse? It went something like this:

Creep: Hi Terri, anything wild planned for the weekend?
Terri: Not really. Going out to dinner tonight - one of my favourite pastimes.
Creep: Nice. I'm going out with some lads for a lot of drinking, eating and talking shit.
Terri: Hm. Sounds like one of your favourite pastimes.

A moment of very awkward silence ensues, while Terri bites down furiously on her tongue and hopes he wasn't really paying attention, 'cos she sure as hell wasn't.

Creep: I'll just ignore that slight slur there...

Thankfully, the lift doors opened then and I could escape with an embarrassed smile and unintelligable mutter.

But man, I laughed all the way to the train station!

PS Because you asked so nicely, for those of u who have the time and the inclination you can check out my prize-winning short story here.


anne said...

Man, what would it be if you did pay attention! ;)

LiVEwiRe said...

Please tell me that you don't truly believe that going to church = being a good person. I've met someone before that really gave me the creeps. No real reason, but they just made my skin crawl. I did feel bad but I couldn't help it. Don't people say it has something with past lives or something? I think it just has to do with boy cooties.

Thanks for the link... left a comment there, too. =)