Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Is it time for pms again? Must be. It would certainly explain my foul mood. It's one of those days where I feel bloody miserable about everything. I got to work to find there was no milk for my coffee and it's been pretty much downhill from there. I'm snapping at everyone and almost sent an extremely sarcastic and bitchy email to a colleague because I am just not in the mood for peoples' whining and moaning and laziness. (I said "Almost". I actually typed the reply but then thought better about it and hit "Delete" instead of "Send")

You see, if you ask me why something is not working...
and I tell you that if it's not working, you should check the install document and make sure the installation procedures have all been done...
and you ask me where it is instead of making the minimal effort required to look in the place where ALL the install documents are kept...
and then you email again to ask me what you should do...
and I ask you "Did you check x, y and z from the install document?"...
and you reply, "Not yet, I assumed they would have already been done by W when he did the install last week..."
then I ask, in my infinite patience, do you REALLY expect a CIVIL reply to that???

And since this is turning into a good old fashioned rant, I will return briefly to one of my favourite rant topics: Email.

I just received an email with a Powerpoint Presentation entitled
The first slide states, "THIS IS NOT A HOTEL, THIS IS THE HOUSE OF (some sheik / Arab oil millionaire or other)".
The pictures are of a building that is unbelievably huge, luxurious and beautiful.
The last slide says, "AMAZING WHAT $2.75 US A GALLON GAS CAN BUY, ISN'T IT?"

Only trouble is... the building IS a hotel, NOT someone's house - I went and looked it up on a website called Trailfinders.ie.

It pisses me off when people bullshit others in an attempt to ... what? Generate mass anger towards a group of people? Incite racism? Justify their own delusional and probably uninformed, but undoubtedly small-minded prejudices? To what end?
Even if whoever put this thing together didn't have such a big goal in mind, WHY LIE?
Why try to pull the wool over peoples' eyes?
And why, oh why, do people keep perpetuating this crap by forwarding it on to other people?

I believe there is enough distrust and strife in the world without idiots spreading rubbish like this to everyone, because somewhere along the line someone without the ability to think for themselves is going to take it as face value...
and that person could one day end up in a position of power (I'm sure we could think of an appropriate scenario)...
and then who knows what they might do?...
like, oh, say, invade another country...
and all based on some ill-founded preconceived ideas.

So, if you do happen to receive any of this stuff and you want to forward it to people to show them pretty pictures, at least take the time to remove the misleading text?

Phew, my keyboard is starting to groan - suspect I may have been typing as hard as I was shouting loud in my head.
I think I'm all ranted out for now.
Thanks for listening, come again soon.


LiVEwiRe said...

I truly believe that if we time our PMS a little better that we can take over the world. Call Anne, she'll be up for it, too.

anne said...

Count me in indeed!
But I believe this was no PMS, that was more than justified.

Underachiever said...

Run for the Hills the PMS Brigade is here!

If I lay low maybe they'll just flesh-wound me.


PS Hope you have a better day tommorrow, Terri-Terr. Love ya, mean it!

BUDDESS said...

I totally agree with you on this issue. Yes, I agree that we are paying way to much for petrol, but there are other ways of protesting. Can you believe that it is cheaper to fly now than to travel by car? Definately not PMS, just a good reason to rant and you did it so well!!! wink wink

Terri said...

LiVEwIRe & Anne I think that's an excellent idea. We should meet somewhere to discuss... somewhere sunny... I recommend the Greek Isles.

Undr, ta, babes, luvya too! Tell u what, we'll make a list of exceptions to those deserving of our wrath, and I'll make sure you're on it so u can come out now

Buddess, that is unbelievable - so now you've no excuse not to fly over & visit us!

ChittyChittyBangBang! said...

As you were soldier!
I wouldn't dare to diagree with you on any of the issues. I would like to see a few more years... hehehe.
Impressive rant, Terri.

Terri said...

Precisely! Ta, I felt much better after venting a bit.